GTA : Vice City Now Available in the Play Store – But Not For All

December 6, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

I’m a huge fan of the GTA series and I think that a lot of you out there would be lying if you said that you’ve never played any of them. After all, back in the days of the PS2 there was always some friend you knew that a copy of the game that were more than happy to share with you. I remember playing the game not long after it was released – on the PC, I was cool like that – and I really enjoyed the game. It was not only a sordid bunch of fun but it took the open world exploration introduced into GTA III to new heights. It was also the first time a new locale had been used for a GTA game like this.

Vice City is a town filled with drugs and crime so, perfect for on the go. As with GTA III the game is fully intact and there has even been some tweaking to the graphics to make them look that little better, of course, this is no upgrade – just that little bit of polish. The same questionable 80s neon is a alive and well and all those tunes you loved so much are back once more. Let’s not forget the hoes and supercars, they’re all back and ready for you to make some noise with.

I know a lot of you have been looking forward to the game but, it seems that a lot of users are unable to play the game – myself included – as the compatibility isn’t as wide as it ought to be for a game of this level. For instance, my Tegra 3 packing One X isn’t able to install the game, Transformer Prime with the same CPU however, not a problem. As Android Police discovered, your mileage really does vary when it comes to getting the game running. We’re really not sure what the problem is when it comes to compatibility after all, it’s not difficult when a lot of phones either have 800 x 480 of 1280 x 720 resolution. Not a lot of the holes make sense either, as the One X isn’t supported but the Galaxy Nexus is – both 720p displays. The Nexus 7 with the Tegra 3 is also supported, it all seems a little strange to me.

It’s beginning to look like the company that Rockstar got to handle the port – War Drum Studios – have dropped the ball on crossing their Ts and dotting their Is, as they did with the GTA III port. However, they quickly updated the GTA III port to support a vast amount of phones and tablets – right down to single-core devices. We’re hoping it gets fixed soon, I would really like to hijack some awesome cars once again. To see if you’re device is supported, follow the link below.

[Source: Android Police]