Google's Nexus 4 To Be Available in UK and Germany Come 5 PM GMT


The Nexus 4 Fiasco continue its world tour and now it's stopping off in Europe. Right now we've got confirmation that both the UK and Germany are being treated to another sale of the Nexus 4 today at 5 o'clock GMT. Of course, with the word that the phone is going back on sale comes the guessing of when the phone will again become out of stock and of course there has been some pretty interesting guesses so far – with perhaps the most accurate guess being 5:01 PM.

While it might not be that serious, there is doubt in the tagline that has been sent to those in the UK and Germany that reads "Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today" which doesn't neccesarily mean that the actual devices will be shipping any time soon after that. Right now, here in the UK, the Play Store simply reads that the phone is out of stock – there is no 6-8 week delay just yet. After this evening I wouldn't be surprised if it rocket through the roof.


This is the second time that the UK and Germany – the rest of europe should follow soon – have had a shot at ordering up the Nexus 4 and for all of my UK friends out there, I hope you get yours ordered this time around. Last time, the Play Store buckled under the pressure and they were sold out in less than twenty minutes. It looks like Google have allocated a certain amount of stock for each region and hopefully, those that order their nexus 4 won't be told that they have a long wait to get their hands on the phone. In that case, I don't believe Google should sell the phones if there is a massive waiting list for them, it's not really a sale then is it? More of a pre-order, let's hope that Google are selling the phone today and not holding more pre-orders.

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