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The Google Play Store has been on the rise throughout all of 2012 and the service has slowly rolled out little-by-little across the globe. Which is pretty great and all but there are a number of things that can't be accessed in certain regions. Like for instance, the lack of Google Music in a lot of Europe and throughout the world. Google have been launching new regions with movies and TV shows alongside the Nexus 7 in places like Japan and parts of Europe. Still though, there are parts of the Google Play experience that you can't access from everywhere in the world.

The UK has been one of those places that has had some of the Google Play experience but not all of it. I'm the resident Brit on staff and I've been waiting for a number of things to come to my little part of the world for some time now. Recently, we just got access to Google Music and I have to say that it's made worrying about what music I have at my finger tips a thing of the past. I've been enjoying Google Music for some time now and I'm glad that we've finally got it but, for us Brits, the wait was pretty long – and others in Europe are still waiting for it to be available.

Earlier this summer, when Google unveiled the Nexus 7, they also unveiled Google Play magazines and a range of content from a myriad of content providers. It was another addition that bought the content store closer to iTunes from Apple and also added more for tablet users to enjoy.


Magazines aren't available in the UK Play Store just yet but the section has gone live in the Play Store and you can browse through the available content. However, you're not able to purchase anything just yet which is a little strange but it certainly suggests that it's coming soon to the UK. I know that I can't wait for Play Magazines to go live as I'm fed up of using Zinio as the app really isn't cut out for much. Coming soon to the Play Store in the UK is content from PC Advisor, T3, Computer Music, Wired UK, Total Film, PC Gamer, Cond© Nast Traveller, Autocar, and plenty more.

[Source: Android Authority]

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