Google, Dell, Facebook, Red Hat and Others Come Together To Fight Against Vaguely Worded Patents


Now this is big news that's been a long time coming. But it appears that many of the big tech companies have come together to fight Apple and their vaguely worded patents. The group includes Google, Dell, Facebook, Homeaway, Intuit, Rackspace, Red Hat and Zynga. There may also be some Android manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, and Samsung in there as well. Together they have filed an amicus brief with the US Court of Appeals. This brief is to suggest that courts stop honoring and upholding all these patents with purposely vague wording. So basically, the most of Apple's patents.

The brief filed covers every legal angle. But translated into words that those of us that didn't go to law school can understand, is that phrases like "on a mobile device" or "over the internet" are way too broad and hence meaningless. After writing about many of the patent wars going in this year, many of us here at Android Headlines have felt the same way. This groups of tech companies feel that these types of patents should never be granted. And existing patents should not be upheld with such vague wording.


 Many computer-related patent claims just describe an abstract idea at a high level of generality and say to perform it on a computer or over the Internet. Such barebones claims grant exclusive rights over the abstract idea itself, with no limit on how the idea is implemented. Granting patent protection for such claims would impair, not promote, innovation by conferring exclusive rights on those who have not meaningfully innovated, and thereby penalizing those that do later innovate by blocking or taxing their applications of the abstract idea.

Now of course Microsoft and Apple are absent from this group. That is because they own many patents with broad terms. And are the main reason these companies have come together to file this. They've also been suing just about everyone out there for infringing on these patents that have such vague wording.

Of course, we all here at Android Headlines dislike Apple very much. That's to be expected since we are an Android site. But it's about time everyone else stepped in to appeal these patents. Hopefully we'll see more companies joining this group to go against Apple, Microsoft and anyone else that owns a broad patent.


So what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

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