Google Chrome Will Be Welcoming Google Now Soon to the Desktop Environment

December 8, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner



If you’re anything like me then you are a vivid Google fan. I love the services Google provides, and it’s such a wide range of services and products that I can’t seem to find a reason not to support them. Not only do most of their products work well, but they are simple, and are not plastered with a lot of ads likes most.

Google is expanding more and more as each year progresses, and I love every new incorporation they do. The most recent development is Google Now will be incorporated to Google Chrome. So not only will you have your cards available on your mobile device, but they will be available straight from your desktop as well. This will also give those who are not smartphone users an opportunity to utilize the Google Now and countless other services.

Now I haven’t had much experience with Google now only because of the fact I live in a rural area, where there isn’t much to use except the weather and traffic information. However, it brings you several services combined into one such as:

  • Weather tips
  • Travel information and tips
  • Upcoming Birthday and Events
  • Nearby Restaurants

All things that are important to someone who may always be on the move and does an extensive amount of traveling.

Francois Beaufort, who works on the Chrome Chromium source code was first to have “spotted the move.” When I say Chromium this means the OS, which is truly not an OS, but has OS capabilities. In order to get Chromium you need to purchase a Chromebook, but that isn’t saying that those who do not have Chromium will not see this implementation. If it’s already being incorporated into Chromium, you can almost bet that it will be incorporated into Google Chrome shortly after, which excites me as a loyal Google supporter. I love testing and playing with new apps and tweaks to Google Chrome.

This will again be a great implementation for Google, since it will open up a doorway for so many more. How many are excited for this incorporation to happen? Will Google Now be a great addition to Chrome?

Sources: Francois Beaufort / CNet