Fuhu's Nabi Jr. Could Be the Perfect Android Tablet for Kids


There are a whole lot you can do with Android tablets these days and playing games on them is a biggie, leading kids all over the world to take your tablet and get it all dirty playing Angry Birds. We'd all love to buy a tablet for our kids, nieces and nephews, siblings etc but, there aren't that many suitable offerings out there and the prices are a little steep for something that is more than likely going to get wrecked. Fuhu have tried previously with their Nabi 7" tablet, that not only looks kid-friendly but had a good price tag to it as well.

Now, they're back with the Nabi Jr. which might just be the best kids tablet to hit the market. It clocks in at being 5" and with that comes some pretty good specs and a design that will fit in with any child's toy chest. For those interested in specs it'll be packing the following:

  • 5" 800 x 480 Display
  • Dual-Core Tegra 2
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Rotating camera that does front-facing and rear-facing duty
  • 4GB or 16GB of Internal Storage
  • WiFi and Bluetooth

You might think that anything less than 7" isn't really a tablet but, kids only have little hands and Fuhu have provided some pretty large grips to hold on to the tablet, making the 5" screen make a little more sense, it also seems to have pushed the price down to a very wallet-friendly $99. It's also built to withstand drops and spills, which are always going to happen with kids involved. That means that, for just 100 bucks you can free your Nexus 7 of all those kids games and forever have a clean tablet – maybe. While the Nabi Jr. doesn't come with the Play Store there is an app store built in and a host of education programs aimed at kids, it's also easy to sideload the Amazon Appstore and maybe the Play Store as well.


The 4GB model will cost just $99 and the 16GB model will run for $129, both models will be going on sale in the middle of this month – just in time for Xmas, am I right?