Fuhu Nabi XD is a Tween's Tablet; Starts at Just $249


Android has got to be the most versatile mobile platform out there right now – not only is it open but, it's open to do what the hell you what with it – and it's the one mobile platform is making a real push for the children's market. There have been a lot of tablets released that are aimed at kids throughout the year and as we get ever closer to the 25th it's pretty clear that a lot of kids are going to wake up to tablets. A lot of these tablets are more than likely going to be coming from Fuhu, the company behind the Nabi tablet, as they've been making the strongest kids tablet on the market for a while now.

While there are tablets to come in all shapes and sizes, there is one market that seems to have been overlooked by everyone – until now. Fuhu have seen the gap in the market and have decided to plug it with their new product. With the new Nabi XD, Fuhu are hoping to sew the tween market up tight. They've got a compelling product to do it with as well. The Nabi XD not only looks cool but also carries some decent power under the hood as well.

The new tablet from Fuhu – the coolest tablet in the world – is going to come with the following:

  • 10.1" 1280 x 800 IPS Display
  • Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • A customized version of Android 4.1
  • 10 Hour Battery life

nabixd_angledpadfolioWhile the tablet might not be to everyone's taste I can certainly see it appealing to a lot of tweens out there and you can't deny that it's an eye-catching piece of hardware. There's a lot of parental control built into the custom build of Jelly Bean that's running on the tablet, allowing parents to block whatever sites they wish and limiting the use of certain apps. Which is pretty great if you know the kids will be playing Angry Birds or watching Netflix when they have homework to do.

There's no word whether or not the Google Play Store will be shipping with the device – we hope it is as the lack of Google services would really limit something like this. Drive and GMail would be great for homework and keeping in touch with relatives. To make up for it though, the company has detailed a system they're calling "Battle KINABIs" that will feature figurines that sync with the tablet and battler each other – think of Spyro Skylanders here.

The tablet will be launching at the end of December – with a nationwide release starting in January – the 16GB version will cost $249 and the 32GB will clock in at $349. The folio accessory and keyboard you see above will be released in January as well.


It's a pity that Fuhu couldn't get these out earlier as they would have done super well during the run-up to Christmas however, launching this close ater an announcement is a pretty decent achievement and we're sure birthdays throughout 2013 will be full of these, am I right?

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