Founder of 'Cult of Mac': Real Men Use Android

It's easy to toss the term 'fanboy' around pretty casually these days. Pretty much anyone who likes anything more than you do is a 'fanboy' if most of the trolls who lurk on most forums and comments sections are to be believed.  But in reality, being a true 'fanboy' takes a lot of work. You aren't just a passive fan of something, you are actually aggressiveness evangelizing for a brand. Now woudn't know anything about being a fanboy... but one thing I do know is that Guy Kawasaki is most certainly a fanboy, or at least he was.

ReadWrite reported that not only has Kawasaki switched entirely to Android, but in his new book he uses the phrase "real men use Android." When he was asked about why he switched to Android Guy said "I fell in love with Android on the smartphone, and then I got a Nexus 7 and started using Android on the tablet as well. To me the great irony is that Apple's slogan was `Think Different,' but today if you think different you're looking at Android." He also mentioned that he first switched to Android because he wanted a 4G LTE device, but that just because the iPhone 5 has LTE, he has no intention of switching back. He likes having NFC, true multitasking, and the ability to customize his interface.

But none of this is really surprising, is it? Local news stations might continue to cover the release of a new iPhone every year, but Android has a 75% share of the smart phone market word-wide. Android is also increasingly eroding Apple's share of the tablet market as well. Android is powerful, flexible, stable and above all, it just does more than iOS. Google Now is an amazing feature that is rolling out to more and more users every day as Jellybean's usage grows. The Play Store, App Brain, and Amazon have amazing selections of fantastic applications that can meet a user's every need. Apple is the past, and Android is the future. It isn't complicated. This year, give your favorite iPhone hold out an Android phone for Christmas this year and if they start to argue with you, just send them a link to this article.

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