Featured: Top 10 Best Android ROM Manager Apps


Like many of you out there, I like to flash custom ROMs on my Android devices. And today we've got a treat for you. We've found some great ROM Manager apps for your ROM. Including some that are specific to MIUI, AOKP and even CyanogenMod, which are the most popular and most used ROMs around. We've also got some ROM Manager apps that let you download updates, new ROMs, and flash a new recovery like ClockworkMod or TWRP. Let's get started with out Top 10 list.

10. Root Browser Lite


So you've rooted your device. And now you want to access ALL of the files on your device, right? Well most file manager apps don't allow you to see the hidden files even if you are rooted. But with Root Browser Lite you can see every single file on your Android device. With this file manager you can delete files and all of it's sub-directories, copy/paste files, send files by email, and so much more.


9. AOKP Backup

If you're running an AOKP ROM, then you need this app. Those of us that flash ROMs usually flash nightlies, therefore you're getting a new update quite often. AOKP usually updates weekly. But with AOKP Backup you can backup all your settings and restore them in a snap. With AOKP having so many settings that you can change, this is a great app that is needed. Note: This only works on AOKP ROMs not CM10, Paranoid Android or any other ROMs.


8. Kangerator


Want to be sure you're running the latest AOKP build? Then you'll want to download this app. It checks to see if there is a newer build for your device. It'll also show you the Release notes for the new release. And where AOKP doesn't do nightlies, all devices get releases at basically the same time. You can also download the updated ROM directly from the app and then flash it in recovery, where you won't need to wipe data, just the dalvik cache.

7. ROM Customizer


ROM Customizer is a great app. Let's you do plenty of customizing to your ROM on your device. It even lets you flash kernels, modems and recoveries but only on certain devices including GT-I9000/SGH-I897, GT-I9100, GT-I9300, GT-N7000, GT-S5360(kernel only) and maguro (Galaxy Nexus GSM). Other than that the rest of the features work great on every device. Give it a try on your custom ROM.


6. MIUI ROM Downloader

Still running Miui? Then you'll want this app. It allows you to download updates to MIUI for your device, see screenshots and the changelog as well. After you download it, you can then go into Recovery and flash it over your current install. It's just that easy. But the app only supports select devices. Click the button below to see all the devices it supports.


5. ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox Pro is one of the most useful ROM Manager apps out there. It allows you to do so much customization to your ROM including changing the fonts, icons, boot animation and more. It also includes some kernel tweaks, Ad blocker, Root Explorer and a theme manager. It is just jam packed with goodies for you to try out. There is also a free version, but it doesn't allow you to do as much as the Pro version does.

4. Cyandelta updater

Are you on a tiered data plan (i.e. 2GB per month? Are you running CyanogenMod nightlies? Then you need to install CyanDelta Updater. It's a pretty simple app. Instead of downloading the full CM ROM every time there's a new nightly, it downloads the changes and gives you an incremental update to flash on your device. So instead of downloading 200MB everyday, it's a much smaller download. But if you're on unlimited data, might as well use the built in CM Updater and use that data!

3. Pimp My ROM

Pimp My ROM is one of those apps that has unlimited tweaks, or so it seems. Of course it does require Root, and works on almost every device and ROM out there. It is in alpha stage right now, so we suggest you make a nandroid backup on your phone before using this app. Pimp my ROM includes 3G tweaks, Wifi Tweaks, adding Beats Audio, battery saving tweaks, some kernel tweaks and a whole lot more.

2. GooManager

Of course GooManager is for rooted devices anyways. Using GooManager you can download new ROMs and updates to those ROMs, then flash them through recovery. In addition to that you can download some kernels to flash on your device as well, and download gapps (Google Apps including the Play Store, Gmail, etc.). It's a pretty neat app that works with any ROM hosted on goo.im.

1. ROM Manager

And the number one ROM Manager app, ROM Manager. How fitting right? This app is probably the first one any of us downloaded after rooting our device. It allows you to download ROMs, install ones that on your phones' storage, flash ClockworkMod recovery including ClockworkMod Touch recovery. In addition to all that, you can also backup/restore nandroids and manage all your backups. It is a great app for any newbie flasher.