Featured: Top 10 Best Android Go Launcher Themes

December 27, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

One of the biggest ways to customize your Android device is to install a launcher. Now there are plenty of them out there. Just off the top of my head there’s Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, Apex, Nova, and Holo. Just to name a few. What about making that launcher unique? That can be hard sometimes. But luckily we have themers out there that create some themes for these launchers. In fact a couple months ago, I interviewed one of these themers. Miss Stephanie Chute, you can check out that interview here. So here are the top 10 themes for Go launcher. Keep in mind there are thousands out there.

10. Theme|Adorable

adorable theme


Here we are with a nice, girly, theme. It works with Go Launcher of course. This is a theme more for the ladies out there than for the guys. Especially considering it’s all cute little animals. But hey if that’s your kind of thing, more power to you. Go ahead and check this one out on Google Play.


9. Sketch Theme Go Launcher Ex

sketch theme

Nothing to fancy here. Just a nice sketch theme. Of course, like every other theme here it works with Go Launcher and Go Launcher Ex. This one is actually designed by the Go Launcher Dev Team, so you know it’s going to work perfectly fine. Unlike some of the others possibly on this list as they are done by other developers.


8. Glass Go Launcher Ex Theme


The Glass Go Launcher Theme is exactly what you think. A theme where all the icons look like glass. So once again nothing to out of the ordinary here. But it does look pretty cool. And if you’re using Go Launcher this is a nice theme to change up your home screen a bit.


7. Go Launcher Ex Theme Christmas

unnamed (1)

Want to get in the Christmas spirit? In addition to our Top 10 Christmas apps, here’s a nice Christmas theme to throw on your phone. It’s a bit red but still fits well with the eyes. It’s available for free on Google Play, and works with both Go Launcher and Go Launcher Ex.


6. Blue Planet Theme Go Launcher

unnamed (2)

Here’s a blue theme for ya. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling Blue or just want to look at the sky without going outside. Okay that might sound a bit corny. But it is a nice looking theme. This theme is by ZT .art who has a ton of other Go Launcher themes available if you don’t like this one all that much.


5. Cloud 3D Theme Go Launcher Ex

unnamed (3)

Want a cloudy theme for Go Launcher? Well here you go. Here’s the Cloud 3D theme for Go Launcher and Go Launcher Ex. And is it just me, or do those icons for Twitter, Facebook and Gmail above look pretty sick? This one’s also free on the Play Store.


4. Go Launcher Ex UI 3.0 Theme

unnamed (4)

Pretty sweet looking theme here. Those icons look pretty nice with the rounded corners. At least in my opinion. This theme is coded and designed by the Go Launcher Ex team, so you know it stays up to date with the Launcher. This also another free theme on the Play Store for Go Launcher and Go Launcher Ex.


3. Cyanogen Go Launcher Ex Theme

unnamed (5)

Remember how CyanogenMod 7 looked way back when? Well here’s a theme to bring that look back to Go Launcher Ex without forcing you to flash CM7, if it’s even available for your device anymore. Yes it’s an old design. But we all have love for CyanogenMod right? This one’s also free on the Play Store.


2. Classic Theme Go Launcher Ex


The Classic theme for Go launcher. It’s actually a pretty nice looking theme. But that wallpaper back there is pretty sick, especially when it scrolls with the homepages. It features about 40 different colorful icons. And if you install an app that doesn’t have a special icon in this theme it’ll just show the regular icon. This one’s also free on the Play Store.


1. GalaxyS Go Launcher Ex Themes

unnamed (6)

This theme is made to look like you’re in a Galaxy far far away. But the purple, pink and blue on the icons looks pretty awesome. Along with the yellow on the Facebook icon shown above. This is another free Go Launcher theme on the Play Store, and our number one Go Launcher/Go Launcher Ex Theme.