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So, it's the time of year where we've just gotten over Thanksgiving and now the sprint towards Christmas has begun, making all the food you ate last week a reminder that you're only going to eat more come Christmas. Well, thankfully, the Android platform we all know and love so much has a lot to offer when it comes to fitness and there are some brilliant apps out there to either keep you fit or, to get you into shape. It's time again for another Top 10 from Android Headlines, and this time we're here to bring you the best suggestions when it comes to fitness apps. Read on to find out our Top 10.

10. Recipe Search from allthecooks.com

I know what you're thinking, this isn't really a fitness app, is it? Well, not really but, it all starts with good food and it's often daunting to listen to recipes from a dieting book or a super-skinny friend. With as many recipes as this has at your fingertips you can easily choose something that you might like and isn't high in fats or sugars. Getting a taste for cooking yourself – or with friends and family – is a good way to promote a healthier living. I could still stand to lose some weight but since I learnt to cook I've taken a better interest into what I'm putting into my stomach.


9. Calorie Counter from My Fitness Pal

Keeping with the food idea here, often there's not a lot of time to do exercise and while that sounds like an excuse – some people simply cannot find the time. By watching what you eat you can control your intake without having to go on a nasty diet, of course this is a form of dieting but, if you make it work around you, you can find yourself a lot happier soon enough. Counting calories and keeping a food journal is often boring, but with a smartphone you can go into detail quickly and easily, without having to neccesarily dwell on it too much.


8. Jefit

If you're the type of person that does more weightlifting than anything else then you'll know that it's a serious workout and there are precautions to take. When lifting weights there is a definite right and wrong way to do anything, if you don't follow the right way you could very well end up hurting yourself quite badly. Thankfully, there are professionals out there that have brought us apps like this one, to tell us the right way and the wrong way. If you have a serious set up at home, then it's an especially good idea to make sure you know what you're doing, you wouldn't want to be caught injured without anyone around to help now would you?


7. Zombies, Run!

Often when we talk about fitness and keeping healthy, it doesn't always make for interesting conversations and is pretty boring at times. To get yourself motivated in something, the best thing is to try something different and something engaging. With Zombies, Run! you're asked to try something new but putting your running shoes on, plugging your headphones in and then running for your life. It starts off as an eerie audio adventure but soon they catch up to you and you've got to keep running to keep the Zombies off of you. It might sound a little gimmicky but something like this is definitely going to get your heart rate up and get you in a sweat.


6. Carbs & Cals

Counting your intake can be really boring but, it can be a simple and yet very effective step to getting yourself a little healthier. Understanding what you're eating on a day-to-day basis will help to encourage a culture of healthy eating, if you stick at it. Having to count food and limit yourself is hardly anybody's idea of fun but, you can't keep yourself healthy through exercise alone. Watching what you eat is a big part of it all and with this app here you can keep track of the counts through a number of means and the app comes with thousand of photos to make it a little easier as well.


5. My Tracks

Keeping track of where you go for a run and how long you to do it for and all of the stats associated with it has been terrible in the past. Now, with GPS in pretty much every smartphone on shelves, there's the possibility to know where you've been and with the right app you can see it in a nice, uniform and accurate manner. Tie this into Google Maps and you've got yourself a complete solution for keeping an eye on your run. My Tracks has been a sort of experiment of Google's for some time now and with the most recent updates it's brought the app up to par with other ICS and above applications, there are a few niggles with the app and it's clear that the team behind the app haven't the time to turn it into something super serious but, it is free and works well.


4. Instant Heart Rate

There's no denying that differing Android apps can help you achieve new level of fitness or, keep you on the right track to even better health. However, even with all the expert advice and a huge community, you can still over do it. That's something that you never want to do, you could do yourself some serious damage and when it comes to anything cardio-vascular you need to take close care with your precious ticker. If your heart rate is constantly high –  too high – it could be a sign of illness. With Instant Heart Rate – while it's not pinpoint accurate – you can go a long way to making sure you take a break when you should and if you use the app well you can keep on top of your fitness at all times. Knowing how to take care of yourself is a big part of getting healthy.


3. Workout Trainer

When we want to get something done ourselves, there's little someone can do to deter us but, when it comes to working out – you've got to be careful. It's fine to push yourself to the limit at the gym, with professionals on hand to help but, at home you could do yourself some serious damage. With Workout Trainer you can look up  a gamut of different routines and make sure that what you're doing is safe and you're not putting your body at risk. The app has an easy to follow interface and is perfect for those at home workouts when nobody is around. Also, these workouts are some of the best and have been tested by professionals, making them perfectly safe for you to try out yourself.

2. Strava Run and Strava Cycling

We're putting these two apps together because they essentially serve the same purpose with the difference that one is for those that like to cycle and the other for those who are runners. For both apps, there is a comprehensive and good looking UI to use as well as advanced features, like connecting to certain Bluetooth heart monitors to keep a check how you're holding up. For cyclists, you can track your rides and see elevation and even challenge your friends. For runners, it's more of the same but geared towards running.Both apps are very similar but, it's especially nice to see this type of app for cyclists at long last. For runners, get the app here.

1. Endomondo

For a long time now, Endomondo has been at the top of this game and yet it's still churning out the quality results that it always has. There's so much on offer here for those that like to get out there and enjoy the world as they get fit. Whether you're walking, cycling or running a massive marathon, Endomondo has you covered and will track everything you do. There's a quality UI in here and the developers are always updating the app and adding new features. This is such a good app for those big on fitness that if you haven't tried it yet then you need to go ahead and get it installed right away.

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