Sponsored Game Review: The Pokerist – Texas Poker

December 20, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Poker is a game that many of us like to enjoy in our spare time, it’s a game that’s been played for years and years. For a lot of us, it’s perhaps the best way to bring a group of friends together, maybe the neighbors but, if you really enjoy the game for what it is then waiting for these moments to come along then you’ll want to play a little more often to make sure you’re on top form for when the gang do get together. With The Pokerist, you can play wherever and whenever with players all around the world, it’s not only the perfect way to keep your skill level up but also play some poker.

Description: The Pokerist is a game for Android that enables you to play Poker wherever and whenever you like. It’s listed as one of the best poker apps for android  and it certainly has a lot to offer. You can play as a guest or, you can sign in with your Facebook Profile to get really competitive about things. The game is designed to help you play Poker against other players and so you don’t have to wait until the gang meets up again.

How it Works: It’s a simple install away from the Play Store and then you’re all set. Once you start the game – at least for me – you’ll be given a $1,000 bonus from the lottery:


2012-12-20 12.06.09


In the main view of the app you can customize your nickname, so you can play games with a sort of alias, or you sign in with your Facebook profile:

2012-12-20 12.06.35


I opted out of this as I really don’t use Facebook any more but, I saw a lot of players using their profiles – which must be a great way to get your friends involved in Poker somehow. From there you can opt to play a game, choose from a tablet with open seats and you can sit down and get playing:

2012-12-20 12.07.48


Once you’re in a game you will have to wait for the next hand but, it’s a short wait:

2012-12-20 12.08.16


When it’s your turn at the table, the game will present your options at the bottom of the screen:

2012-12-20 12.09.13


If, at any given time you forget the hands of Poker you can quickly take a look during a game:

2012-12-20 12.10.57


One of the more fun features of the game is the in-built screenshot taker, perfect for those moments when you win big!

2012-12-20 12.11.21


If you’re someone on the move or whatever, you don’t have to worry too much about the game needing a good sit down for, as it will keep you in the game and let you know you’re still playing, which is pretty handy with think:

2012-12-20 12.11.54

Opinion: Now, I’m not the biggest Poker player known to man but, I do enjoy the game and it’s very rare that my friends get together to play Poker, it’s perhaps unfortunate that the local Pub doesn’t let us play there. For those times that I need to scratch the itch or play a few hands before the next meet up then I can always use Pokerist to fine tune my game.


  • Speed (3/5) – The app is quick enough and there is no trouble running on my One X but it’s not the fastest game ever played.
  • Features (4/5) – For a Poker game, it’s very complete and brings a lot to the table – it’ll even tell you the hands if you forget.
  • Theme (5/5) – I really enjoyed the look and feel of The Pokerist and thought it worked very well – definitely puts more focus on the game.
  • Overall (4/5) – For Poker fans this is a great game and one that I’m sure a lot of users will enjoy – it’s a good chance to practice and play competitively.


  • Easy to get online and play with others.
  • Signing in with your Facebook account is good to connect with friends.
  • Game makes it quick between rounds to makes games feel better on a mobile platform.
  • Nice interface makes use of large phone displays.


  • More chips could be costly.
  • Some slowdowns were apparent when using the game.

Conclusion: If you’re a Poker player and like to get your fix anyway you can then you need to give this game a try. I’m not a big player of Poker – because getting my friends together is always a pain – but with this I can enjoy the game whenever and wherever I want. The best thing about the game is that you’re not playing against AIs or the computer, you’re connected to other players around the world so you don’t lose your competitive edge. it’s a great game to give a go and if you need to brush up on some skills then this is perfect.