Sponsored Game Review: Super Flood It


There are so many games to choose from on Android that it's perhaps often a little difficult to choose something you'd like to play. After all, not all of us are interested in 3D graphics and hectic gameplay – a lot of us just like to get on with a good puzzle game or something a little calmer. There's no harm in that certainly, some of the most gripping games are incredibly simple concepts – just take a look at Tetris. Read on to find out whether or not Super Flood-It is a game that you'll be plowing hours and hours into.

Description: There's a little something in all of us that like a good puzzle game and that's just what Super Flood It is. The aim of the game is to flood the board of dotted colors with block colors. You have to do this is in as few a many steps as possible and if you're playing multiplayer – you've got to flood more of the board than they do to win. The idea is simple, pick a color that's adjacent to any of your blocks and then the 'flood' moves in to turn those dots into blocks. It sounds very simple and it is but, it takes quite some time indeed to master the game.

How it Works: To get a hold of the game all you have to do is go ahead and install it from the Play Store, simple as that. There are no extra downloads or anything so feel free to download the game wherever you are. After that you'll have a number of choices in the easy to follow menu:


If you were to choose Single Player you'll be given a couple of options to follow, you can play for either 2 or 4 minutes as well as playing for an unlimited amount of time. Think of the unlimited mode as the marathon mode from Tetris. It's this mode that will help you hone your skills the most for when you're playing against your friends.


When it comes down to actually playing the game it's perhaps a little difficult to explain but, if you take a look at the playing area in the video below then you get a good idea of the sort of puzzle you're facing. The aim of the game is to flood the board with tiles and to do that you have to select a color that is adjacent to any one of your tiles to advance across the board. For instance, in the screenshot below, blue would be a good move for me to make, as it would secure me the most tiles on the board.

As you can see there are some images atop the playing area, if you get a little stuck at any time you can hit the question mark to get a run down on the game.


To keep the game challenging and fresh, there are achievements to be earned as you play and some of them are pretty hard to get, indeed:


Of course, playing it by yourself isn't the only part to the game as there is a brilliant multiplayer element to the game. In which you have to flood more of the board than your opponent. It sounds like a challenge – which it is – but what sets it apart from the single player game is that it's done so on a turn-by-turn basis, helping you to plan your next move to take even more of the board.

The game will keep a score for you and at the end of the game you'll be given some stats to compare:


Word of advice: don't play against a Tetris master as I did – you'll never win.

Opinion: Super Flood It is a game that's certainly going to get you thinking on your toes and while it might look like a slow-paced game – the rounds and levels come thick and fast. Each time you clear one area you've just got to finish another. It's an incredibly addictive game and feels like an original take on the puzzle game. This is something that's a lot of fun with your friends – whenever and wherever you are. Which is pretty great for a mobile game like this.



  • Speed (4/5) – Single player runs very well and the turn based play for multiplayer makes the game play wonderfully.
  • Features (4/5) – For a simple game there's a lot to like and the unlimited mode is a good way of honing your skills for multiplayer with friends.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – While it might not be the best looking game it's easy to follow along and there is some really good music here.
  • Overall (4/5) – A great game that will appeal to all fans of puzzle games and is a lot of fun – by yourself or with others.


  • Simply and addictive gameplay will have you playing all the time.
  • Multiplayer is done on a turn-by-turn basis – giving you more time to plan your victory.
  • A simple concept like this makes for an easy game to learn.
  • Ads aren't intrusive at all.


  • The interface could be a little more interesting.
  • A quick how-to play at the beginning of the game would be a great feature.

Conclusion: When it comes to puzzle games, there are a whole lot of them out there for you to go and play. However, a lot of them follow the same trends that they always have. With 'Super Flood It' you get to play a whole new puzzle game and it's certainly a whole lot of fun. So much so that I was worried I'd still be playing the game when this review was to be in. If you're looking for something to get your brain working then you can't go wrong with this game right here.