Sponsored Game Review: Landgrabbers – New Island Levels


Every so often it's a good idea to go back to a game and see what's new. Often there is some more levels or maybe an important update that fixes some things. What we're going to be doing today is taking a look at new content in the excellent Landgrabbers game from Nevosoft. We reviewed the game some time ago and we really enjoyed the time we spent with it. Now, it's back with a new "Island" area for you to try your hand at. Read on to see what the new addition is all about.

Description: Landgrabbers is a game that is a strategy game that's based around creating a strong military force and then conquering whatever area you may be playing in. You've got to strategically build up a strong force and then plan your attacks very carefully, otherwise you'll struggle to succeed. The new Island pack features a new setting and ups the difficulty so, if it wasn't difficult first time around – you'll find this a challenge, I know I did. Take a look at the Landgrabbers trailer below.

How it Works: If you're new to Landgrabbers then you will have to go and install the game, which you can do from the Play Store and you can check out our original review here. To get access to the new Island levels you will need to access the pack in the menu and depending on how many coins or diamonds you have you might have to buy some more. The level pack can be unlocked for just 600 Diamonds.


2012-12-17 11.38.57

After this you can go ahead and get started with these new levels, below you can take a look at the sort of playing field you'll be up against:

2012-12-17 11.39.09


What's nice about the new fields here in the Island pack is that you're given a lot more soldiers from the beginning but also that there's more than one faction to compete against, which can get really quite challenging at times. You can bolster your forces to some really high numbers as well:

2012-12-17 11.48.31

If you become unsure of how to play the game at any time you can simply hit the help screen from the menu in the top right, and the game will offer you some tips and tricks:


2012-12-17 11.52.26

As I've said before, things can get pretty tricky in these new Island levels and to overcome either of the factions will require you to think on your feet, and often the best tactic is to try and win through pure math. In the below shot you can see I have more soldiers in one tower than any others – I'm going to use these to attack nearby buildings with brute force.

2012-12-17 11.54.00


It's a very challenging game and with these new levels, it's never been as difficult as this. That's a good thing though because, if you're played the first few levels and discounted the game as too easy overall, playing these levels will soon change your mind.
Opinion: Landgrabbers is a game that I've really enjoyed over the course of playing it and with the new levels, the difficulty level has taken a real jump. You really have to think on your feet to conquer the map in these new Island levels. I really enjoyed the new levels and found the bump in difficulty a welcome change. While it might be the same game, these levels feel very different indeed.

2012-12-17 11.49.53


  • Speed (5/5) – These Island levels are a lot faster than anything else in the game and really require some thinking.
  • Features (4/5) – It's hard to see that some more levels will make a game feel brand new but, these Island levels made the game feel fresh again.
  • Theme (5/5) – All Nevosoft games are good looking, and Landgrabbers is no different, with stunning visuals it really is pleasing on the eye.
  • Overall (4/5) – It might be just a new set of levels but the Island pack has really helped make the game feel fresh.


  • A lot more difficult than the first levels.
  • Fighting for supremacy with two factions is a lot more interesting.
  • More soldiers – more fun!


  • Perhaps these new levels are a tad too difficult!

Conclusion: If you enjoyed the first game and have been looking for something more of a challenge then the Island level pack is definitely for you. It's a lot more difficult than any of the levels I have managed to reach and I found it pleasantly surprising. Fans of strategy games with enjoy Landgrabbers light approach to the genre and it works very well on a mobile platform. Well worth a look if you're new to the game and if you've played it before then give it another try with these new levels.