Sponsored App Review: Tapporo


For a long time now we've been subjected to ads in our Android apps and games. When we click on these ads – whether by accident or otherwise – we're rewarding those that put the ad in front of us in the first place. What do you get from this though? Well, nothing if it weren't for Tapporo, an app that gives something back to you when you click on ads or offers. Read on to see how the app works and how you can use it to your advantage.

Description: Tapporo is an app that rewards you for watching videos, downloading free apps and more. Aside from all of this you can earn Amazon Gift Cards, Play Store Gift Cards, PayPal Cash and more. Tapporo offers ORO coins in reward for discovering new brands, it's with these ORO coins you exchange for rewards. Read on to find out more.

How it Works: To get started earning ORO coins all you have to do is install the app from the Play Store and then sign-up for a free account.
2012-12-26 17.34.15In order to get anything back from the app you'll need to undertake a few actions that will give you ORO in return. You can take a look at the offers available to you by tapping through to the "Offers" link on the home page. Here you can take a look at the Offers in the app and which brands are offering it to you.
2012-12-26 17.36.03If you take a look at the "Tapporo Offers" you can see what tasks there are for you to complete and how much ORO you'll be rewarded. Some of them are simple, like installing a game or rating the app on the Play Store but others are a little more involved like reviewing Tapporo on YouTube, for instance.


2012-12-26 17.36.23

Earning ORO is all fine and well but what are you going to do with it all once you've earned it? Well, you can take a look at what you can spend it on in the Store part of the app.

2012-12-26 17.37.42


You can see that there are a number of gifts on offer in differing categories. For instance, there are a number of gifts for Amazon gift cards:

2012-12-26 17.50.28

As well gift cards – like those for Amazon.com – Tapporo will also show you gifts that are related to your particular smartphone. As you can see above it's picked my phone out as the HTC One X. You can see what gifts Tapporo has to offer your device by tapping on the menu item. For my phone there is a Bluetooth headset and a couple of cases available – we all need a case for our phones and what's better than a free case?


2012-12-28 09.33.48

Going through something on your own isn't as much fun as it is sharing it with Friends, after all, Groupon is perhaps so popular because all of your friends are using. You and your friends can make Tapporo just the same through the app's Invite feature, through which both you and a friend will earn some ORO. Invite features often seem trivial but here in Tapporo they're an integral part of the app and you'll not regret getting your friends involved.

2012-12-28 09.17.11



Inviting friends and earning ORO is great but we all like a little bit of fun every now and then, with the Sweepstakes part of the app you can buy an entry to try and win a juicy prize. You can get to the Sweepstakes by selecting the Win icon next to the ORO logo. Tapporo will tell you how many entries are left and who has won what last:

2012-12-28 09.16.58



The PayPal cash looks nice, right? Well, to take a look at that particular Sweepstake just tap the PayPal icon and you'll be told how much an entry will cost you – to maximize your chances you can always buy more than one entry.

2012-12-28 09.27.09


There's more to Tapporo than I could perhaps outline here so go ahead and explore the app, see what you can find! The more time you spend with Tapporo the more ORO you'll earn and further up the Tapporo ladder you'll climb.

2012-12-26 17.37.01

Opinion: Apps like this are something that we need more of when it comes to Android. There's no denying that the internet as well as smartphones are a great platform for advertising. In recent years we've sort of put up with it and gone along with it, with Tapporo you can finally get something back from all these free apps and offers that are out there to entice us.



  • Speed (5/5) – Tapporo is a fast app indeed, and there was no slowdowns or hiccups throughout my use.
  • Features (4/5) – The concept of earning something from taking part in activities on the web is nothing new, surveys have done it for years but with Tapporo, it's easier, has more defined reviews and is very down to earth.
  • Theme (5/5) – I'm really not a fan of skeuomorphism but here I think it works well and the app is very pleasing on the eye.
  • Overall (4/5) – Tapporo is a great concept and it adds a new dynamic to how we use our smartphones.  Its parent program(GiftHulk) has been around for a long time on the web and as consumers get smarter this sort of stuff is going to become the norm.

Conclusion: It's not very often that we get something back for engaging with brands across the Internet and downloading a free app is at times a one-way street. Thanks to Tapporo we can happily explore what the world of brands and free apps has to offer us without risk. Not only that but Tapporo rewards us for this. It might take some time to get enough ORO coins to exchange for something you want but to get anything back at all is something. Not only that but it's good to have something to incentivize us doing these things. Tapporo is certainly something a little different and something that is well worth the time getting to grips with.