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For some time now, we've been enjoying music on our tablets and for good reason, often they have loud enough speakers to fill a small room and often come with more storage than our phones. If you've got a tablet that takes a microSD card then chances are a lot of it is filled up with Music. Even in a world of Google Music there are times when you need local storage and what better way to enjoy that music than through a well-crafted player. Read on to see if Select! is that player.

Description: Select! Music Player is an app that aims to take advantage of the bigger screens on tablets by presenting you with an all-in-one view of your music. There are different elements of the display that change to reveal things like an equalizer and visualizations. It's super-easy to add or remove from your playlist on the go. All of your music is right where you want it – all on one display and they are no annoying menus to go through one after the other, over and over again. Take a look at the video to learn more:

How it Works: Firstly, you have to go and install the Select! Music Player from the Play Store and after that you can start using the app. This is what you will first see when you load up the player:



Even though I don't store a lot of my music on my tablet – most of it is video – Select! was super-quick at finding all the music on my tablet and I was pretty impressed by that. When you get to listening to your music you'll notice the screen will change to show a simple visualization of what's playing.

2012-12-16 11.40.48


In order to navigate around the app, all you do is touch one of the tabs, so to take a look at albums, just tap the tab and it'll take you there:

2012-12-17 23.06.37

To change the equalizer settings just hit the logo towards the top and it will just appear, allowing you to change a number of different attributes without leaving the main screen:


2012-12-16 11.40.57

Your experience with Select! will vary depending on how much music you actually have stored on your device and depending on how much time you spend with the app you'll find that it makes changing track and building playlists a lot easier, as everything is in one screen.

Opinion: I think that Select! is a player that will suit a lot of people however, if there are those out there – like myself – that rely on Google Music then it might be difficult to get used to this. Having said that, Google Music isn't available to all and if you spend a lot of time outside of WiFi then you're going to need a lot of music stored locally, making Select! a great player to listen to it all with. The interface is simple to use and asks very little of the user to get their music played. Having everything in one screen is a great use of a tablet's display and makes a lot of sense once you've spent five minutes with it.



  • Speed (5/5) – There were no hangups using the app and music started to play quickly, a smooth app indeed.
  • Features (4/5) – Even without Google Music integration there is a lot on offer for those with a lot of music to listen to.
  • Theme (5/5) – The overall look and feel of Select! is very nice indeed, and reminds me of a piece of Hi-Fi equipment – definitely a theme geared to music lovers.
  • Overall (4/5) – No Google Music could be a blow but, if you rely on local storage this is a great app to experience your music library through.


  • Great interface that any music lover will like the look of.
  • Using one-screen to display everything is a great idea and maximizes the use of tablet's larger displays.
  • Manual equalizer is a big plus for users that have spent a lot of money on earphones or headphones.
  • Creating your own playlist is super-easy with Select!


  • No Google Music could be a big blow for those with access to WiFi a lot of the time.
  • A lot of players will play the whole album when you choose a track from it but, here you have to add all tracks to the playlist.

Conclusion: Select! is a great option for those who have a lot of music stored on their device but, it might not be a good option for those in love with Google Music. Which is a shame but, this doesn't bring the app down too much. There are plenty of situations where Google Music is moot – like a long flight or wherever there's no WiFi – and the interface is a lot better than the official app, making full use of a larger display. Select! Music Player is definitely something I would recommend to music lovers and if you use your tablet a lot of the time outside of WiFi then you'll have no problems with this app whatsoever.


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