eSfere Console Wants To Make Android Gaming Even Bigger


Why can't we enjoy playing high quality games on our large screen HD television without having to pay the high prices that traditional game consoles force on us? That is the ultimate question for gamers around the world and one that the developing team of the eSfere console wants to answer. But as a small indie developer they need our help and have turned to IndieGoGo, a site similar to Kickstarter, to help fund their project.

eSfere is a video games console that is based on the Android operating system that wants to bring the whole Google Play game store right to our TVs. Right out of the box, the eSfere console will allow a gamer to have access to all 500 thousand plus titles that are free to play or barely cost anything compare to the $60 the usual console game requires.


Here are the eSfere specifications :

  • Tegra3 quad-core processor or above
  •  2 GB RAM
  •  16 GB internal flash storage
  • 2 USB ports
  •  Bluetooth
  •  WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • – Ethernet
  •  HDMI connection for up to 1080p HD
  •  "Touch&Play" multitouch gamepad controller with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Android OS 4.1
  •  Available in 7 different colors (black, white, pink, red, light blue, blue and yellow)

The controller is an interesting design with a touchscreen center that means games won't be hindered by regular controller schemes. But for those that prefer it, the console will ship with attachments that will allow for the button setup.

Developers won't have to worry about making special adaptations for eSfere, all games are downloaded directly from the Google Play store.  They will still be able to create even more amazing games with game engines like Unity or GameSalad.


Android gaming has really exploded over the last year.  With the latest hardware it's practically like having a little game console right in your pocket — the only thing missing is a TV and a controller.  That's where eSfere comes in:  it's got cutting edge internals that will run high-end 3D games like ours at HD resolutions, and a wireless touch controller so you can play on your couch.  But the best thing from a developer's perspective is that it supports all our games right out of the box.  That means we don't have to bend over backwards to support it, and for gamers there's going to be a huge selection of games available on day one. — Matt Small (Co-Founder and Creative Director at Vector Unit, creator of Riptide GP, Beach Buggy Blitz and Shine Runner)

The eSfere will also act as a full home entertainment system allowing you to surf the web watch movies and run different apps. I'm really excited to see yet another console that is based on the already amazing Android operating system. It is one of the reasons I fully support the open source system Android employs since it makes it possible for consoles like the eSfere or the Ouya to become possible. This is even better news for gamers that want to play as many different games as possible without having to spend a fortune.  And really, who doesn't?