Droid Weekly 12/23/12: Foxconn, Apple V Samsung, Nexus 4 and More


Foxconn Could Have Landed an Order from Amazon to Produce 5 Million Smartphones


Well what do we have here? Perhaps a more concrete rumor of Amazon making its own smartphone? While it's not confirmed it is pretty interesting and we urge everyone to take this a grain of salt. Read More


Google UK Apologizes for the Entire Nexus 4 Fiasco

nexus 4

The Nexus 4 launch has just been a nightmare. While the errors in the Play Store are Google's fault, the supply that Google has of the Nexus 4 is LG's fault. Or at least that's what Google UK's boss wants you to think. Read More

Judge Koh Denies Apple's Request to Permanently Ban many Samsung Devices

Patent Wars Android Headlines Lawsuit Apple Samsung 4


Here's the latest in the Apple V Samsung Cases. The request from Apple, following the August verdict, to have many Samsung devices banned here in the US has been denied by Judge Koh. If that's not a sword in Apple's heart. Read More

Huawei to Bring 5-inch 1080p D2 to CES


Here comes another 5-inch 1080p device for CES next month. It looks like the major players aren't doing to much at CES in January, and that it'll be mostly the smaller manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei. But a 5-inch 1080p device from Huawei should do well depending on the specs. Read More


Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Thunderbolt "Will Be Here Soon"


Haven't we heard this before regarding the Thunderbolt and ICS? At this point, HTC should just let it be. As they've said with other devices with the same specs, ICS doesn't run well at all on them. So just leave it on Gingerbread is my feeling. Read More

Instagram: No We Are Not Selling your Pictures!



Here's something a little different. Instagram changes their Terms of Services for advertising, sees the public complaining about it, then removes it. So No, Instagram is not selling your pictures. Read More

Flipboard Finally Updates to Properly Support Tablets

Flipboard feature

Finally. Flipboard now properly supports tablet displays, and I must say the update looks great on 10-inch tablets. For those that love Flipboard and have a tablet, go ahead and download Flipboard from the Play Store now. Read More


Samsung Ready to Show off 5.5-inch Flexible Display at CES?


Here comes some innovation from Samsung instead of litigation. Maybe Apple should learn how to do that? Anyways, Samsung is rumored to be showing off a 5.5-inch Flexible Display at CES in Las Vegas next month. Sounds pretty cool right? Read More

Verizon Grants Secure Element Access to ISIS, Yet Denies Google Wallet for Accessing the Secure Element?



Something is very fishy here. It seems that Verizon only wants its customers to use ISIS. Yet they told the FCC why Google Wallet was being blocked was for accessing a secure element in the device. But ISIS accesses the same secure element. Read More

T-Mobile Getting Rid of the 16GB Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue?


It appears that T-Mobile is phasing out the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue for  Titanium Gray version of the device. I must say that Titanium Gray looks even better than the Pebble Blue. What do you think? Read More