Droid Gamers Hub 12/15/12: Baseball Superstars 2013, Isaac Newtons Gravity 2, Bane Of Yoto 3D, Monster Crew, Santa Rockstar, and Anomaly Korea



Baseball Superstars 2013 Smash Hit Now Available

Everyone knows Gamevil's popularity reaches distances further than the eye can see. One such reason for that upward bound popularity over the last few years has been their exciting baseball series of games Baseball Superstars. Well get ready for another smash hit, because Baseball Superstars 2013 is now available in the Play Store and its hitting plenty of home runs with the fans.


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All the familiar and loveable features of the series you know have come back for another season and its better than before. The game as usual is free like all the previous Baseball Superstars games, and it's a hell of a game at that. This year's game has been updated with luscious and beautiful HD graphics, an award system, multiplayer and PvP modes for hours upon hours of enjoyment of Americas favorite past time on a digital plane.

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If you fancy yourself a baseball fan than you will undoubtedly want to check this title out from Gamevil. It won't disappoint. Slide into home and grab this app at the link.



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Isaac Newtons Gravity 2 By Namco Aims to Challenge Your Brain

If Sir Isaac Newton were alive today, he would be a gamer, and he would most certainly love physics games and puzzlers like Namco's new Isaacs Newtons Gravity 2. This new game from Namco is free and is sure to pick at your brain and fire off some synapses that make you think.


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The game starts out with ten free levels, than the additional 100 levels (which are split up into two 50 level add-on packs) will set you back a mere $2.00. The idea here is to get the ball to the other end of the level. You can do this by using a number of tools all which have something to do with gravity.

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There is even a level editor so you can build your very own brain teaser and stump your friends and family, well… provided they play this game. Think your level would stump Isaac? Who knows? Check the game out and see what you can come up with.










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Popular Fantasy Novel "Bane Of Yoto" Transforms Into 3D Motion Comic For Tegra Devices

Comics are all but a thing of the past. Motion comics though, those are the future. Leviathan games wants to turn this trend into a bullet train of popularity. And I'd say that they have a pretty good grip on the idea with their first crack at it. Taking the extremely popular fantasy horror novel "Bane Of Yoto", they developed the entire story into a full 3D motion comic for tegra based devices complete with a soundtrack and lots of ass kicking action.

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The whole novel is split up into three parts it seems. The first part is free while the second part will have you coughing up $3 bucks to continue the story. This is definitely not the way you'd remember comics from back in the day, but then again, this is 2012. We want our games as real as possible and why not have our comics the same way?  The Bane Of Yoto is like an epic animated movie with comic art done by some big name comic artists.

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The effects and the music are cool enough, but just to relive the time of comic books in such a way that truly displays the power of today's technology is unreal. I highly recommend at least checking out the first episode. Like I stated before EP:1 is free, there are some in app purchases that will spur some new events within the story and the EP: 2 will set you back $3 bucks. The video alone should get you pretty amped up. Anyone out there already the original Novel?

EP: 1





EP: 2
EP: 2









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Monster Crew Creeps Onto The Endless Platformer Scene And Into Our Hearts

Endless Platformers can usually be a little light on content for my liking, but Monster Crew will have you running through platforms  smashing up monsters and pretty much everything else while collecting tons of sweet loots. We LOVE loots. RPG elements threaded throughout this quaint little monster tale make Monster Crew just enjoyable enough to keep you playing.

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Your quest is to collect and recover the monster crew cards, and you must do this across a 15 hour campaign composed of 17 haunting mysteries strewn about the evil doctor's castle. The game will get progressively harder, so this is where the RPG set of attributes to the game will come in, as you will need to utilize the recovered monster crew bonus cards and upgrades (36 upgrades in all) to power you up and help you along.

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The game supposedly has excellent replay value toting that no two games are exactly alike and something spooky always awaits you around the corner. This should prove entertaining for those of us who like longer games and tend to get bored with short span titles. This is a fun little story you will find yourself engaged with over time, which is different from most other platform based games. This is a nice little twist. If you wish to check out this game, its free over on the Play Store.


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Santa Rockstar Will Have You Banging Your Proverbial Head While You Try To Keep The Pace

Tis the season. The season of giving. A time for family, good conversation, egg nog, warm fires and…. Hardcore Rock N' Roll??? Wait.. what? That's right you wet noodles. Christmas isn't a time for sissy's. It's a time for long drawn out harmonic melodies, heart pounding metal shredding tunes and head banging solo's so loud you'll hear the guitar strings reverberating well into next season.

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What am I talking about? Santa Rockstar!!! If you thought he was all about gifts, you were wrong. Santa likes to Rock! And he wants to Rock your face off this Christmas with his new game. Santa Rockstar is a rhythm based game following in the path of Rockband. Christmas is on the line, and you, Santa, are its only hope. Christmas and Rock N Roll have stood the test of time. Immortal allies like the clan destine fate of two heroes, burdened with bringing smiles and happiness to head banging little boys and girls everywhere. Don't let them down.

unnamed (14)

Pick up that Axe adorned across your back and grind every note until your fingers bleed! You'll be playing classic songs like Jingle Bells, and Joy to the World! There is but one outcome to this mystical adventure of Christmas. Shredding metal, beards, long hair, and flying reindeer will help you get there. Do you have what it takes? You can find out for $.99 over at the Play Store (aka Santa's workshop) right now!



Anomaly Korea To Hit The Play Store Just In Time For The Holidays

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD was one of if not the best Tower Defense style game I have ever played. Anomaly Korea is on track to push that excitement to the limit. Exceptional HD visuals come along with 12 new missions that play off the original game, updated weaponry and additional power ups and even a new Art of War mode find their home in Anomaly Korea as well. This second title from 11 bit Studios is set to come to us just before Christmas. Which could make for part of a very handy stocking stuffer with the use of some thoughtful Google play gift cards yes? I think so. If you played the First Anomaly game you already know how amazing it is. The second one is proving to surpass it in every way. Just watch the video and you'll see what I'm talking about. There isn't an exact release date, but we should definitely see it just in time for the holidays. Here's to hoping 11 bit studios keeps their word on this. Are you guys as amped up as I am?