Droid Gamers Hub 12/08/12: Total Defense 3D, Zombie Evil, Pudding Monsters, Phonejoy Play, Splice, Heroes Of Order And Chaos, And More!


December is upon us and Christmas is fast approaching. A lot has happened in the gaming industry for android this past week, and some of it was very exciting. I'm always open to a new game to try out and we know you guys are too, so to scratch that itch here's some stuff to tide you over for a little while.



Total Defense 3D Is Here To Blow You Away

Listen up Tower Defense fans. Total Defense 3D is no ordinary tower defense game, Its full 3D alright. Which means it's stepped over into our dimension to kick your ass. Unlike other tower defense titles you have a full range of motion and 3D view of the camera in this one, so you can pan and turn to view any angle surrounding your battlefield.


This should give you a better idea of what's happening under your command. You will find yourself surprised by some of the abnormal features of Total Defense 3D, like resource collection to make sure you can build and disperse your weaponry and, upgradable equipment. Do not be alarmed by these attributes. REMAIN CALM AND STEADFAST! Deploy your defenses and oppose the onslaught attack against us. YOU are the leader of the rebellion. So act like one. If you do not defend our future, we will surely fall. Find your training manual in the Play Store now by hitting the link below. You are going to need it.












Zombie Evil For Android Brings More Guns And Glory; More Brraaainnnnnsssss……


You'd think I, and all the other gamers out there would be bored of the flood of Zombie games that is on the Play Store right now. Nope. It seems, that it just simply isn't possible. As a human race, of completely un-undead specimen mind you, we love zombies. Forget that they'll descend upon us in a fit of unending hunger, they tickle our fancy and that's just that. The developers of Zombie Evil know this, and that's why they have made this game. It looks just a little like the Plants VS Zombies style strategy and makeup, which might prove to work out in its favor since that's a hugely popular game.

The best thing about this game is all the gore, and from what I could tell in the video, the super cool cut scenes that remind me fondly of anime. The game has 3 world maps with 21 classic scenes spanned across 126 levels. That's enough to keep you busy. 14 different head crushing, undead flesh burning, annihilating weapons are available to wipe out the hordes. It has 21 different flesh eating zombies to keep you busy, and to defend yourself you'll not only have all those guns, but 6 kinds of guards with a variety of 5 skills and tons of upgrade possibilities. Remain human and fend off the undead. The game is free to play and available now in the Play Store so if you're not completely burnt out on zombie games, give this one a whirl. You can find the link below.










Makers Of Cut The Rope To Bring Us Pudding Monsters Dec. 20th

ZeptoLabs had a wonderfully fantastic idea with Cut the Rope and it seems their ingenuity hasn't reached its limit. They have started teasing a new game that we will be seeing around just before Christmas on December 20th. The game is called Pudding Monsters. Not much is known about these little guys. There's just a photo and a teaser trailer floating around. The game will obviously be a puzzle type of game though and this is always welcomed with open arms because puzzlers are addicting, challenging and time consuming. The three pillars of a good puzzle game. I know you're just dying to find out more about this title so as soon as more information comes our way you can bet we'll update the masses. Until then enjoy this cute little teaser and the picture above with some obvious mischief going on in it.



Phonejoy Looks To Be Your New Phone Gaming Pad

I am certainly not one to shy away from a good game. However there are just some things that deserve the option to be enjoyed whilst playing with a lovely handheld gamepad. I have been researching and looking far and wide for that perfect gaming controller for my phone and tablet and have yet to find one that meets my needs and is to my liking.

The latest I tried was the MOGA which I thought would be great, but it turned out that the games I wanted to play were either not supported, or weren't supported yet and had no foreseeable time frame on when they were. This new gamepad, called the Phonejoy Play looks promising and could very well be what I was looking for. It's got its own kickstarter campaign running and I have to say that it hopefully will see store shelves by sometime in second quarter or mid-summer of next year.

Or however long it takes to make these things, heck, I just want to try this little guy out. The Play has an adjustable fit to it which will make it widely compatible with multiple android devices. Huge points with gamers there. The Phonejoy Play can stretch up to 255mm wide and hold a device no wider then 153mm wide. That's a good range and should allow for some comfortable gaming no matter what device you own. The kickstarter goal is set at $50k, and they have already reached just over $25k. Half way there!!

You can solidify yourself with one of these bad boys if you so choose by pledging $60 or more yourself. Want to meet the team and spend time with them in Hong Kong? Pledge $3,333 or more and you'll get your wish. Plus a whole lot more. Head to the kickstarter to look at all the cool details and make a pledge. These will start shipping in April if the goal is reached by January. Heres the Link to the Kickstarter page if you want to help the cause!





Splice From Cipher Prime Studios Is A Puzzler About Mircobes

Puzzlers are a breed of game all their own. We love them, we hate them, and we love them. Cipher Prime Studios has brought their hit puzzle game to android called splice, so we could love puzzle games just a little bit more. It's a game that is oddly attractive, considerably entertaining, and weirdly addictive.

Under the microscope, you'll find strands of DNA. You have to "splice together these strands in such a way that will complete the sequence and allow you to advance to the next level. Seems easy enough right? We'll see.

There are 75 levels to play through, and once you finish those, there is an even more challenging version of each level called the "angelic Solution" that will have you trying to solve the puzzle in only a few splices. If you fancy a good puzzle game, go find a buck and scoop this up from the Play Store. You can find the Link below.









Heroes Of Order And Chaos Brings MOBA To Your Fingertips On The Go

I featured this title from Gameloft during the Android Game Spotlight this week. Still for those who missed it I want to make sure they know that this game is finally available. Heroes Of Order And Chaos is the long-awaited MOBA style PvP game from Gameloft that is much like DOTA 2 and League Of Legends. Only, for Android. I was extremely excited about this game as I have gotten really into League of Legends this past year and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. It's available free from the Play Store now and you can totally play and skate by without ever having to buy a thing with real money just like in other MOBA style games, you can however choose to make an in app purchase towards items, heroes, hero skins and more. If you like PvP action, check this one out. I'm already addicted and will be playing whenever I have chance out and about. If you want to try this out hit the link below. And if you find yourself playing, message me through gameloft live @JimsCorodedArtery and we can play together.







Yesterday Game Hits Google Play

Point and Click adventure games were a small portion of the basis of my youthful gaming days. I haven't thought much about them since then. Maybe they have just lost their appeal. Bulkypix sees things a little differently though and as of December 5th wants us to relive the days when Point and Click adventures reigned supreme, by releasing "Yesterday".  This is a true point and click adventure to its core.

Teeming with mystery and mayhem and urging you to find out what's happening. It was released earlier this year on PC but lost steam quickly it seems. I think it was a right decision to bring this title to android where it might find itself right at home and maybe, just maybe become a huge winner with the android gaming crowd.

If you yearn for the days when adventure games were everywhere and allowed your imagination to run wild, then you should check this out. It runs on android 2.2 or higher and will set you back a cool $5 bill. Hit the Link below to jump into a world of adventure once more.



Elements Battle RPG Brings Android Gamers Some Role Playing Fun

RPG games are in abundance. Let's be honest, they're running rampant like diseased rats during the black plague. The good news is that means theres plenty of good ones out there to play. The bad news, is that you have to sift through the muck to get to those devilishly fantastic titles. Game insight wants to bring something different then your standard RPG to the party.

What they have come up with is a cheeky mix of fantasy RPG gameplay and match puzzles that will certainly have you head scratching. You might think, why? The real question should be "why not?" though. RPG games are fun and so are match 3 puzzle games. Why not have a mash up?

The game starts with over 100 quests to bring your imagination to life. Updates? Yeah I'm sure there will be plenty. So if you want a new spin on fantasy role play you should put down that LARPING handbook and pick up your android phone instead. The game is free. Don't be afraid. I have conjured a link for you below, click and find your destiny.







Beeline Wants Us To Relive The Ghost Busters Magic In 2013

The end is near! The end of 2012 I mean. And as 2013 inches closer, talk of next year's games are starting to travel through the grapevine. One of those games just so happens to be a Ghost Busters title from developer studio Beeline. Most of their other games are free-to-play or "freemium" as they're more commonly known. So we can expect to see this iteration of the popular franchise to be the same.

You will be part of the ghost busters team in this quaint little game and just like you'd expect you will have to catch those ghosts and make sure they don't continue to terrorize the city of New York.

No release date has been talked about yet nor many details about the game's content itself but look forward to more information later on as it becomes available to us.




Ong Bak Tri Gets A Trailer; Makes Us Want To Play Even More

A couple weeks ago I talked about Ong Bak possibly coming to Android soon. A few screenshots have been floating around making the game look so awesome you just want to run out and flying knee some bad dudes in the face. If that didn't happen for you it surely will once you see this trailer that was released. Or, perhaps it'll just make you really want to play this game. Either way, the game looks sweet and I've been looking for a game like this to hit Android for quite some time. The game is being developed by Hive studios in partnership with the people behind the Ong Bak films and will be based off the upcoming Ong Bak movie also called Ong Bak Tri. It will be built on the unity 3D engine. Just watch the trailer and look at those flying knees and all those punches and elbows to throats and faces and every other possible body part. The game looks good! There's no doubt about that. Watch the trailer to see what I'm talking about.

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