Droid Daily 12/11/12: HTC One SV, Galaxy Camera, Hulu Plus and More


Republic Wireless shipping their Dual-band Motorola Defy XT now


Weeks ago, Republic Wireless opened their doors to everyone, exiting their beta phase. One of the devices they had up for pre-order was the Motorola Defy XT, which was dual-band. Now it's shipping to everyone that's bought the device from Republic Wireless.


Sprint Looking to buy the rest Clearwire stake?

A woman uses her phone as she walks past a Sprint store in New York's financial district

Well Sprint already owns the majority of Clearwire, so why not go ahead and buy the rest of the company? That's exactly what it looks like Sprint is attempting to do.

Microsoft gets Android patent Agreements from two more vendors



Well, two more Android vendors have agreed to pay Microsoft licensing fees in response to the company's claims that Google's free mobile OS uses some of Microsoft's patented tech. Not much of a surprise right?

Dead Space hits $0.99 Google Play


Electronic Art's game, Dead Space, is now on sale on Google Play. And it'll cost you a whole dollar. Not bad of a price. It's certainly cheaper than a certain new launcher that was released over the weekend.


New York Times App gets updated

unnamed (6)

Today the New York Times app for Android got updated to version 3.0. It brought with it a new adaptable user interface, as well as tablet optimized and a few other goodies. Grab it from Google Play.

Hulu Plus gets updated



Today, Hulu Plus also saw an update. It brought along support for Hulu Kids, which is probably to directly compete with Netflix. Netflix has a kids section which is normally only seen on consoles like the Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

ZTE Nubia Z5 Selling on Christmas Day?


Here's an interesting rumor. The ZTE Nubia Z5 is supposedly going to start selling on Christmas day, which is only two weeks away. Anyone believe this one?


Yahoo! Mail Gets Updated

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Does anyone actually still use Yahoo! Mail? It gets so much spam. But hey, the app got updated and actually looks pretty great. It'd be nice for Microsoft and Twitter to take a look and follow Android's design guidelines with their apps as well.

Samsung Germany Giving Away free Galaxy Camera accessories



For those of that bought the Galaxy Camera, you might like to know that Samsung Germany is actually giving away battery and charging stations for the device.

HTC One SV hitting the UK January 2


The HTC One SV is now available in the UK for pre-order and will come SIM free starting January 2nd. The HTC One SV is HTC's newest mid-range device with a 4.3" SuperLCD2 display.