Dish Network Receives Blessing from FCC on AWS-4 Spectrum Use

We have been talking about it since the day rumors surged about Google merging with Dish Network to provide a "possible" mobile wireless solution to consumers, and it would be a huge issue for carriers. So huge it caused Sprint to get involved and say that Google shouldn't be allowed such a merge.

Today Jeff Blum - Senior Vice President of Disth - released this interesting statement:

"The FCC has removed outdated regulations and granted terrestrial flexibility for most of the AWS-4 band. We appreciate the hard work and focus of the FCC and its staff throughout this process. The Commission has taken an important step toward facilitating wireless competition and innovation, and fulfilling the goals of the National Broadband Plan. Following a more thorough review of the order and its technical details, DISH will consider its strategic options and the optimal approach to put this spectrum to use for the benefit of consumers."

I have to say I'm both excited, and nervous to see what outcome this will bring. What exactly is Dish going to do with this spectrum? Will we see them merge with Google to provide mobile wireless for consumers? It's definitely a possibility, but there is no telling what way Dish will go with this recent development. You can be certain carriers are going to do whatever it takes to keep Google out of the game since it would mean a huge loss of customers for them all.

Dish Network already provides countless customers with Satellite TV, and I will say yes, our household is one of the 14+ billion customers with Dish Network. Dish provides 200 plus "National HD Channels" plus "award-winning HD and DVR technology", so they really have an open door to find out what to do with this spectrum that has received a blessing from the FCC. They could surely go ahead and market something of their own, or I'm sure they will have a variety of offers since Google has already made it known that they have a big interest in a business relationship.

What do you think this could mean? Do you think Google Wireless will be in the near future, or will Dish Network end up doing their own option? I will be the first to admit I can't wait to find out!


Sources: FCC / Dish Network


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