Apple Drops Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini From Patent Case


Today, the Cupertino manufacturer withdrew one of Samsung's newer handsets from their trial. The Galaxy S3 Mini has been dropped from the Apple V Samsung trial, which the device isn't even readily available in the US. Apple disclosed that they are leaving the Galaxy S3 Mini out of this case because Samsung has no plans to bring it to the US anyways. Last month, Apple asked the court to add the Galaxy S3 Mini to their case, along with some other Samsung devices, in the big patent war with their Korean rival Samsung. Apple then responded that since Samsung isn't bringing the Galaxy S3 Mini to the US, that should not be part of this litigation. Which makes perfect sense, whether you're an Android or Apple fan.

Back in early October, Samsung launched the smaller version of the Galaxy S3 in Europe. It is basically a smaller, and cheaper version of the Galaxy S3, which means the specs aren't as great. But Samsung has said that they are not "making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the Galaxy S III mini in the United States." And because of that, Apple agreed to drop the Galaxy S3 Mini from the case, "so long as the current withdrawal will not prejudice Apple's ability later to accuse the Galaxy S III mini if the factual circumstances change."


So there you have it, one less Samsung device involved in the Apple V Samsung trial that seems like will be going forever and then some. I'm still holding out hope that they'll get an agreement and stop all this litigation. But that probably won't happen. How many of you in the US were able to pick up a Galaxy S3 Mini off of Amazon and have it shipped to the United States? Let us know in the comments below.


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