Angry Birds Begin Run-Up to Christmas; One New Level a Day


It's fast approaching Christmas and now that we're in the month of December, there's no escaping the festive spirit, no matter how much you might fight it, it's everywhere. Sooner or later you will fall prey to the Christmas spirit. It's not easy to avoid Xmas altogether but, if you're a die-hard fan of Angry Birds – or just like free stuff – then you're going to struggle to stay frosty this holiday, because the latest in a line of free updates for Angry Birds is here and it's all about Christmas. Try as you all might, we all love to play Angry Birds every now and then and, what better time of year to play a game aimed at children, then Christmas?

Once again, Rovio have updated Angry Birds Seasons and this time around  it'll be bringing us a new level every day in the run up to the 25th. What is fast becoming the biggest Angry Birds game yet, Seasons will now unlock a new level every day in the month of December. While it sounds pretty cheesy – because frankly, it is – it's nice to see game developers get with the holiday spirit. Besides, with all the kids tablets on shelves this holiday it's a great ploy to you to by one so the kids can play all the Angry Birds games, no?  If we're honest, buying a cheap Android tablet might help you keep your sanity this holiday season, as kids everywhere are going to ask every morning, "can I play Angry Birds, can I play the new level?!".

Rovio have been pretty busy recently and with the recent update to their Star Wars title, that brought 20 new levels based on the Planet Hoth, and now this update to Angry Birds Seasons there's a lot of winged fun to go around this holiday. Which I can't say is a bad thing, after all, I really like Angry Birds and while it's not going to excite me too much, a cup of hot cocoa and some Angry Birds is pretty relaxing – if you suck at Call of Duty that is.


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