Android Game Spotlight: Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

December 13, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

Another week gone and another game to feature. I know most of you guys out there have to be just as excited about this week’s pick as I am. If you game, you’re certainly no stranger to first person shooters. Android has their fair share of FPS titles but only a handful are worth their salt, and the modern combat franchise is on that list. More specifically, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour which just landed on the play store a couple of days ago. Weighing in at a whopping 1.9 gigs, you’ll definitely need to free up some space. Further more, some time, because it will take a while to download it and install before it’s ready for play. ( I started the night of release, and it wasn’t done until 9 hours later when I woke up for work the next day.) There was a brief issue with the game that caused Gameloft to pull it from the Play Store due to problems with the file download, so rather than piss off a bunch of potential players, they removed the game until the issue was fixed. That little hiccup has since been resolved and MC4:ZH is back up for purchase and download.

2012-12-11 11.51.28

The game picks up where things left off, and plunges you right back into intense action and gritty cinematics. You have a new enemy to contend with, and the plot to bring the world’s governments and ultimately America to their knees has to be stopped before it’s too late. The story revolves a little bit around revenge for a character in the game named “Page”. I am so far only on mission 2 but it seems like Gameloft has decided to let you jump back and forth between playing as the U.S. military and Page’s character, the question remains how much character switching will actually take place.

2012-12-13 14.48.03

MC4:ZH has plenty of weaponry for you to play with. As you’d expect they have added new artillery, and yes they have redesigned the multiplayer mode. You can create your very own gameplay profile and there are over 20,000 different weapon arrangements to suit your needs. Fragging a few friends or random opponents won’t lose it’s appeal. With new maps, a new specialization system with redesigned skills, and a new ranking system to climb MC4 will keep you entertained while on the go. Whether you’re at home in a remote location picking off enemy’s as a sniper, or really feel complete as a Run ‘N’ Gunner you’ll find things different and hopefully better than the last iteration of this mobile death match action. You might find things more enjoyable with a controller though and if so you may want to check out the MOGA which you can pick up for right around $50 bucks. If you’re in the US and you want to grab one today PowerA is even giving away a free MOGA and a copy of Modern Combat 4. All you have to do is pay shipping. The deal is available today only though and ends promptly at 11:59 pm. If you fancy a brand new gaming controller for your phone and want to play MC4 than head on over to the Power A website ( note: I just checked the site at the time of writing this and the site is down due to overwhelming responses for the free controller. Keep your mouse pointed to PowerA’s page for when it’s back up.) and order your controller, than enter special discount code “SecretSanta” to make the controller free. There are limited supplies so you may want to do this quickly.

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Even if you play with the on-screen virtual controls, MC4 is easy to get used to and just like all the other FPS games from Gameloft you will have the customization option to move around the buttons to your liking. I’ve found that button placement is key in being able to play the game enjoyably so I’d take this option for a spin and find a set up that fits your style. The graphics are definitely on par with the best shooters out there for mobile and this installment of the Modern Combat series is the first powered by the Havoc engine so you’ll notice the awesome ragdoll effects and realism. The game is not a slow start by any means. And if you value a good FPS than I recommend you pick this up. It will hit your wallet for $7. But that’s to be expected from all Gameloft’s Major titles, so you should have seen that one coming. So far the game is excellent and I found it hard to put down unless I had to. Anyone out there that has already picked this up? How much playtime have you guys logged?

2012-12-13 14.50.41