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This week's android game spotlight is a big one. Quite possibly the biggest game of the Christmas season. Heroes of Order and Chaos, the highly anticipated MOBA style game from Gameloft just released yesterday and I have to say it feels pretty good for a mobile MOBA game. It's nowhere on par with League of Legends, but what can you expect? First off, I want to start by saying that I think Gameloft did a pretty decent job at polishing this game up as well as they could have. Perhaps there is a few areas with room for improvement, but given what they are working with here the game is well done. My only complaint is the controls. I gather that in time, they will get easier as you get more used to them.

So, let's jump right into it. Heroes of Order and Chaos does a good job at attempting to get the player familiar with the style of play and the type of game they are about to engage in. You start off with a tutorial of sorts that feels almost like an MMO because of the dialogue and content. After a quick 3 or 4 tutorial tasks that try to map out the game's control system and item use, you jump into a few more tutorials that take you through what the game will be like on the actual battle map. This is something that was different for me from other MOBA style games, LoL nor DOTA 2 really had tutorials that were like this one, which in turn gave Heroes of Order and Chaos a bit of an edge and one that was needed at that because they are competing in a really popular game type right now. For those of you that aren't really sure what to make of this game type, a MOBA game stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. In which two teams of 3 or 5 compete against each other to gain dominance over the map, in this case, sinskaald rift. Both teams will have a series of towers which they have to ambush and destroy before they can reach the enemy's home base and annihilate it.

The game has 30 different heroes to choose from. Thank you Gameloft, for you have given us a nice spread of player variety to start. I can only hope that they plan to update this game often and add heroes in a timely and orderly manner. There will be all the familiar character types: Bruisers, mage/ranged, melee, and tank types. You will get to start out with one or two characters, the rest will have to be obtained through an in-game purchase system with currency you get from winning or just playing matches. You will also be able to choose from 6 free characters every week that will switch out, very similar to LoL's free champion rotation. This will allow you to become used to multiple character types and classes.

The basic layout of the game is simple. Choose your hero, battle it out against your opponents for control of Haradon. During the battle, your character will level up based off of XP, which you can gain by killing enemy heroes, or by killing creeps(minions). Your character will have 4 different special attacks which you unlock as you level up. The first three can be obtained from the beginning, while the 4 cannot be unlocked until level 6. As you kill enemy heroes and minions you will also gain gold which you can use to buy items and upgrade them to help you in battle and make you more powerful. Each item has its benefits and uses but certain items are meant for certain character types. Choose wisely as you want to make sure that you pick the right ones for your type to maximize your damage output and/or defense. Whether you have been playing MOBA games since the original DOTA days or are new to the genre, Heroes of Order and Chaos will do a great job in letting you pick if you're a beginner, intermediate, or expert player. This is a totally different spin on PVP game play and will surely have you wanting more. I found that for me, I first hated this type of game. However, once I gave it a fair chance and practiced a little more I became really good and now it's a lot of fun. If you're looking for an action packed multi-player battle experience unlike any other, check out Heroes of Order and Chaos in the Play Store now. Oh, did I mention it's free to play? Yep. This game won't cost you a cent to jump in and get your feet wet, and you can play solo or join up with friends. Perhaps I'll see you in sinskaald rift, and perhaps we'll be allies on the battlefield. If not, I'll pray that your death is swift.

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