Android Game Spotlight: Exzeus 2 THD

December 27, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

The long-awaited sequel to the popular 3D shooter from HyperDevbox has finally made its way to Android and I must say I’m glad it finally came. Back in June I had the fortunate opportunity to test out this action packed new follow-up to the original Exzeus Arcade when I met the guys from HyperDevbox studios at GoogleI/O. I wrote up a little piece about the game and even though we were hoping it was going to come out in the late summer a little waiting was worth it. You could imagine my excitement when I woke up yesterday morning and was strolling through the games and found this.

unnamed (1)

For those who aren’t up to speed on the Exzeus games, the original title called Exzeus Arcade came out back in 2010, and was what set Android gaming on fire for me at least. It was a 3D adrenaline packed shooter where you fly and control a super cool robot that reminds me of those in Gundam Wing. Exzeus 2 THD follows up this original but with graphics obviously updated to suit the needs of today’s gamers along with what is demanded of those who seek console quality gaming with their quad-core devices. The game is Tegra 3 only at the moment, but im sure that will soon change.


The graphics are not all that’s been updated though. HDB studios has added in new controls (an on-screen D-pad) a semi-new UI to the game with new power ups, a new robot and even the ability to play the game from the ground at certain points as you can tell from the screenshot.(remember that on-screen D-pad I talked about? This is where you use it) If you’re weary of or dreading the games controls based off the use of the accelerometer don’t be. It’s quite easy to pick up and one of  the first things the game will have you do of course, is calibrate your device so the movement is spot on.


The action in Exzeus 2 THD hits you in the mouth like a sucker punch right from the start, then coddles you with an awesome soundtrack and rewards you with more action. The classic gyro controls bring back memories for those who played the first game, but virtual d-pad controls as well as the addition of external usb controller support should rope in some new comers. Exzeus 2 also boasts online ranking and real-time worldwide leaderboards so for those of you out there that love to be competitive this should add a little edge to the mix.


Overall Exzeus 2 THD exceeds my expectations by a fair margin and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves action games. Just make sure you have the space. You will need about 200 mb for the game install file itself and then some additional storage for extra file downloads once you open the game. I’d say that at least 500 mb should be enough. If you have the right device, enough storage and don’t mind letting go of a few bucks, ($3.99) then jet over to the play store and grab this title. If you’re a fan of the work over at HyperDevbox studios I should note that all their Tactics RPG based titles are half off until new years eve. That’s a steal because all three of those games are normally $15 each. Happy holidays guys and happy gaming!