Android Game Spotlight: Dungeon Fighter Gunner

If you're into retro style games and you appreciate a good nostalgic gaming session, then you'll want to check out this week's pick for the Android game spotlight. Dungeon Fighter Gunner from Nexon is a mix of dungeon crawler loot grabbing action and that ever popular side scrolling 2-D action game, sprinkled with some RPG features like leveling up and choosing skill sets. Think double dragon or final fight but with RPG flare. Dungeon Fighter Gunner is a mobile version of the popular PC big brother Dungeon Fighter Online which has multiple character classes to choose from. It brings a whole new story to the table and will have you playing as the Gunner class, but will give you the same action as DFO but with all new features as well that are unique to Dungeon Fighter Gunner.

At first, I wasn't sure what to think of the game as it was installing but I quickly found that I could get into playing this game and easily lose a couple of hours to it. Maybe it's just the fact that I love games that are RPG or even act a little like an RPG. Or perhaps it's the easy play style. Dungeon Fighter Gunner starts off with some light back story, which is good so it doesn't leave the game to dry and without a plot. I want to be engaged just a little. After a few tiny cut scenes the game begins and you will find yourself in town. You can stick around for a bit or immediately go out and start fighting in the dungeons to find what danger waits inside.

Dungeon Fighter Gunner is an easy to play side scroller but doesn't skimp on the content of the game. Watch as the story unfolds around the town of Empyrean and the Citadel, (two high level areas from DFO), all while you practice and improve your skills to become the strongest Dungeon Fighter. You can hone your skills and choose four different gunner sub classes all with their own unique specialization skills and powerful attacks. Choose from a Ranger, Launcher, Mechanic or Spitfire. Leveling up the sub class of your choice will award you with special attacks from that class, including the powerful Awakening skill. As this is sort of dungeon crawler, there are plenty of item drops like new weapons, armor, gold, consumables and the like for you upgrade and repair.

If it seems like this type of game could get repetitive, well then you'd mostly be right, but Nexon has built-in something to keep the game fresh in a way. The all new labyrinth system is designed to mix it up every time you enter a dungeon. It will drop you into an unmapped dungeon with enemies unknown. So tread carefully and be sure to have the skills needed to succeed.

After spending some time with Dungeon Fighter Gunner, a very short time, I can say with confidence that I will pick it up again. The controls are easy and the mechanics are good enough for something of this caliber. If you like the side scrolling games you should definitely check this out. Its free on the play store, so at least, it will give you a few hours of fun.

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