Android App Devs: Getting Your App Noticed in The Market


Getting your application noticed on the Play Store can be almost as hard as programming it in the first place. As well, a properly marketed application is crucial to insure it was worth the investment and time. Here are a few tips on getting your app noticed in a sea of over 675,000.

Where it Matters Most

It all starts with the Google Play store. Uniquely naming your app not only important to making it stand out, but it is also a requirement. Google will remove apps if their name or icon is too similar to another application. This was put in place to try to keep malware applications from posing as yours, however the rule can still see you app removed.


Keywords and a good description is also key. It is important to remember that the whole description will not be visible from the application install screen and users will have to click the drop down arrow in order to view the entire thing. It's important for the first few sentences to be captivating, as to make the user want to continue reading. Try looking at your competitors applications and see how you can make an even more tantalizing description that will outshine theirs.

A Press Releases is Essential to Any Release

Getting you app seen by millions could be as simple as just announcing its out there to the right cables that will then leak the info out to news sites like Android Headlines and many others. Doing this properly is crucial in order to get your app noticed at its launch time and if done well could land your app on the top of Google Play's "New Apps List". Some of the sites to check out include,, and However, don't overlook the all options! Let's say you programmed an app that would be great in medical offices, or in warehouse management. Finding PR cables for these industries could land your app directly in front of the people you want the most.

Ads, You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

Keeping up the mentality of not looking over all options, Ads can provide crucial time in front of consumers. One of the best things about launching on Android is Google AdWords is the largest web/smartphone advertising company in the world. When you make an ad with them you not only control the target audience based off their likes you can even narrow it down to location as well. Best part is Google is always offering a free $75-$100 in free advertising to new customers so giving it a try is a no-brainer. Just giving Google AdWords Promotion online will yield tons of discount codes.


Get your App Reviewed

On top of making sure your app is searchable and the news outlets have been told about your app, you need to get it reviewed. While users will have a chance to review your app after downloading, people tend to trust online app reviews from names like Android Headlines and others. Although not free, paying to have your app reviewed can get your app noticed by over 1 million more viewers and can give you honest feedback and pointers on what to change in the next updates.Check out our paid app review service here.

Respond to your critics


Keeping an active presence online is very important. Sadly it's overlooked by many developers. However, this gives you a chance to stand out from them. Google Play has added the ability for developers to respond to comments they have received in the store on their apps. Responding to bad criticism can be very vital to selling your application if it's not a free download. Even if it's just a response saying the issues are being fixed and an update will be out soon, or letting a user know that an option has been added allowing them to do whatever it is they are wanting to do. This will not only let people looking into your app know you are actively developing it and would be worth the money, but it will also tell the people who are upset to give it another shot and possibly give it a higher rating.

When it comes to outside Google Play try setting up a Google Alert which will alert you any time your keyword you picked (app name, company name, or website) pops up online. Letting you put out any fires or take in any compliments your app or company might get.

Summing it all up

There are so many things to do when it comes getting your app noticed. With a client base in the hundreds of millions your app has great potential. Just remember not to look over the basics. Like a Facebook, Google+, Twitter Page, and a website. As well as the app reviews and getting all the sites that pertain to your app know about this upcoming launch. However, one of the most important things is be creative. People remember things that are creative. However, covering the basics we have viewed here as well as some creative marketing will pay off in the long run and could make your break your applications future.