AH Show #20 – LG Optimus G2, Galaxy S IV, Ingress, Tegra 4 and More!

December 10, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

It’s been a strange week in the world of Android news, with little more than rumors hitting the wires. Rumors surrounding the new devices coming out of HTC, LG and Samsung next year have been coming thick and fast. This week it was the usual gang of myself, Chris Yackulic, Alexander Maxham, Christina Gardner and for the first time, our resident Ingress expert – Doug Scudder. While there might not have been as much news to talk about as there normally would be, we had no problem running through the week’s news and had a lot of fun pulling no punches, telling it how it is.

We uncovered just what companies like Google, Red Hat, Rackspace and Zynga were filing an amicus brief for – hint: patents – and we spoke a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S IV and its rumored “unbreakable” flexible AMOLED display and just how Samsung would use such a technology in their new flagship. Would it be anything more than a mere gimmick to shift units? Not to be left out of the rumors, LG and their upcoming Optimus G2 was in the news this week for apparently bumping up the Display from 5.0″ to a whopping 5.5″, putting it into the realms of phablet territory – a questionable move, indeed.

In the podcast we also broke down the new Exynos 5440 coming from Samsung with the Cortex A15 architecture as well as Nvidia’s Tegra 4, both to come in 2013. With HTC being pegged as the first manufacturer to bring the new chip from Nvidia to market it looks like 2013 – at least the first half of it – will be a battle between these two chips. I think we’re all more than happy to see which one comes out on top.

After all this was said and done it was then time for the Ingress section with Alex and Doug who have been playing the game every spare moment they get – with Doug even injuring himself walking around so much hacking all those portals! There wasn’t much time for Ingress talk but there were a few tips in there. If you want to see more coverage on the hottest game on the planet, then be sure to watch back our Ingress Edition of the AH Show.

Until next time, enjoy: