According to Google, These Are the Top 12 Apps of 2012 - What's Your Favorite?

It's the same every year, both Google and Apple try their best to pick some of the most loved apps from their respective app stores. It's no surprise then that Google have released their Top 12 apps of the year. These are the apps that Google think have been the best throughout the year of 2012 and it's pretty clear that they were perhaps, playing it a little safe when they drew up this list. There's nothing wrong with that after all, Google doesn't want to upset any of their high-profile app developers now do they? It's not the most exciting list in the world and it's certainly not what a lot of you might have expected but, let's go through it anyway, shall we?

Below you can see what Google have picked for the best apps of this year but, what we really want to know is - what's been your favorite app of 2012?

We're not sure if this is the way Google had intended them to be ranked as we're just going buy what we see in the Play Store.

12. TED Conferences

It's not surprising to see this in the list and it shows that Google want to make sure Android looks like a mature platform and that the Play Store is not just a place for games and silliness.

11. PIXLR Express

Photography has had a big year on mobile in 2012. Sensors and lenses got better and better in the actual hardware and Android itself grew more photo features like photo sphere. Even still, we all need a little helping hand to make photos look that little bit better. Thanks to the folks at Autodesk, we've got one more great alternative to making our photos look a littler better.

10. SeriesGuide Show Manager

There's no denying that the way we watch TV has changed a lot these past years. It's now easier than ever to watch a whole run in one sitting or come and go whenever you like. With SeriesGuide you can keep a track of what you've been watching and what you still need to watch. This is a great little app and one that I hadn't heard of before.

9. Mint

Managing your finances is never a lot of fun but, it's something that we all need to do and unless you're a millionaire, micro-managing your finances is at times a necessity. With Mint, staying on top of those pesky finances is really quite easy and it's a very feature-rich app.

8. Fancy

Fancy is a great way to discover new stuff and get your hands on it. It's difficult to explain in a handful of words as it's best explored yourself. Give the app a go and see what you can find!

7. Ancestry

I can't speak for the U.S. but over here in the U.K, finding out exactly where you come from has gotten pretty popular in the last couple of years. There's a lot on TV about the whole thing as we speak so, it must be something we're more interested in, right? Well, if you're even the tiniest bit curious then Ancestry is a great place to start.

6. Expedia

Let's be honest, travelling isn't a great experience at the best of times and when it takes forever to find the right flight or package, it gets even worse an experience. Thanks to the mobile app from Expedia, the best time to find your next holiday is whenever the hell you want - wherever you are.

5. Pocket

I've said it quite a few times now - I love Pocket. It's the easiest way for me to save something for later. There's an extension for Chrome so of course, I can add stuff from whichever computer I'm using. I can then pick the article or post up on my phone or tablet, making the whole reading process that little bit more enjoyable - not to mention easier. If you've not tried out the app and the service, now's a great time to give it a go.

4. Grimm's Snow White

I'm not quite sure what this is doing in this list but, Google must see something in it for it to make it into this list. Good stories are always great and at this time of year, you might have little else to do.

3. Pinterest

I'm not surprised to see this in Google's list of top picks and I'm sure a lot of you out there have been using the service for some time now. It's a great service to be part of and if you haven't got involved until now, this is a great time to start.

2. Evernote

Another no-brainer for this list, Evernote has been helping people keep on top of notes and ideas for years now and their application only gets better and better. Depending on just how you keep a hold of your ideas then Evernote is perhaps the best app out there to help.

1. Zappos!

With this pick it looks clear that Google really do want us to spend more money on Android. With Zappos you can take a look at the latest fashion for me and women and you can also do it on your tablet with their optimized layout. All this makes buying the wrong pair of shoes that much easier.

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