21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #7: Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver


When we want to listen to music on something other than our phone's or our tablet's speakers, it can often be a chore to get it to play out of something a little…beefier. Google tried such a thing with the Nexus Q and it's built in amplifier but, it clearly never took of as it's all but died a death now. What is a little frustrating is that a lot of us have all this music up in the cloud with Google Music and yet – unless you have a Google TV or a PC hooked up to your TV – there's few options to listen through something more satisfying.

This is where Bluetooth receivers can come in, they connect to our phones or tablets wirelessly and then output sound through a friendly 3.5mm output that you can plug into just about anything. For those of us that have a surround sound receiver or something along those lines in our living rooms, these can make getting music pumping a little easier. For instance, I have a lovely Hi-Fi and some handpicked vintage Technics speakers that I adore – with one of these, I'm able to get my music through them simply and easily. It might not be AirPlay but, it'll work with pretty much anything and you don't have to buy any new hardware – aside from the receiver, of course.

It's pretty affordable as well, coming in at just $20 right now on Amazon. So, if you're looking for a simple way to get your music out there then this is a great piece of kit to buy. It's small enough to throw in a jacket pocket and take to a party as well and it lets a number of different people play their favorite songs wirelessly and hassle free. It might add that little bit extra to the process of playing music loud and clear but, it's a lot easier than buying a whole new speaker system. If you know somebody who's phone or tablet are at the center of their lives and love music, this a pretty awesome gift. It might not be much but, it has more uses than you'd think.


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