21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #2: Philips Bluetooth Speaker Dock for Android


At times, there's nothing worse than living in a world filled with iPhone and iPod speaker docks – especially when you want in on it. It's even worse if you've just swapped from the iPhone to Android and you want something to listen to your music through, often these make for the loudest and best alarm clocks – I'm sure we all need a loud alarm clock, right? So, what's an Android user to do? Well, there have been a number of attempts to get docking stations for our green friend off the ground but, the best offering still comes from Philips, if you were to ask me. Philips have a range of Fidelio speaker docks that connect to a wide range of Android phones through Bluetooth and charges them through microUSB.

The best out of the bunch, I think, is the AS111 as it's compact enough to go in the bedroom or wherever else you want to put it really. I've had one of these for close to a year now and I really enjoy it, I use it all the time and it worked with my Nexus S and now my One X. It charges any phone that has microUSB as the connector swivels and there are pegs that rise and fall to cradle the phone nicely.

Sound quality is pretty good for a unit of this size and while you won't be hosting parties with this thing, light music and podcasts are great – there's even a little bass to be heard, too. If you've been looking for something that doubles as an alarm clock as well then this will do the job, you can choose from whichever alarm clock you like and the tones will be routed through the nice and loud speaker – ensuring you'll be out of the house on time, maybe.


This would make a perfect gift for anyone that has just swapped to Android as well as your family and friends that, like me, feel the need to have an accessory for everything. It might not be all that cheap but I've had it a long while now, have had no troubles with it and still use it on a daily basis, I'm very pleased with it and I'm sure whoever you give it to will be happy with it as well.

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