21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #18: Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset


With hardly any time left at all to get an order or two in before Christmas, your choices are perhaps going to get a little smaller as well. When you panic buy, you often don't think things through very well and often end up buying the wrong thing. This year, we've been helping you out with the Christmas season and we've done our best to bring you some fresh gift ideas during the run-up to Christmas. After all, us Android lovers can be a tough crowd to buy for, the same is true of all tech enthusiasts, we're the annoying type of people that already have everything we need and likely have what you're going to give us anyway. We're a horrid bunch to buy for.

One thing is for certain that when buying for an Android user is that they have a Bluetooth enabled phone – hell, I think we all do by now – and with Bluetooth comes a number of possibilities, you can stream music wirelessly for instance. The biggest and main use of Bluetooth around the world though, has to be taking phone calls and while a lot of car stereos come with Bluetooth built-in not all of them do, and if you're rocking an older vehicle then you'll want to get something Bluetooth enabled to take calls on. We covered Jabra's Tour in-car speaker as a gift but, for those of you that want to keep it a little more compact, then a Bluetooth headset is a good way to go.

We're focusing on the Plantronics M50 here because it's a good price and has ridiculous battery life, which is just what you want in a Bluetooth headset. Really though, the general idea here is that a Bluetooth headset is a great gift to give. Especially if you know someone who spends a lot of time on the road, this is going to make taking calls and driving a lot safer. These are a great idea for a stocking filler and will surely keep loved ones safe on the roads.


Christmas is right around the corner now and if you're still looking for a few gifts then we've got a few days left out of our 21 Days of Android Gifts and you can always take a look at our buying guide.


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