21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #15: iBolt Car Dock for Galaxy S III


When we're on the road, our smartphones can be a real help – they tell us where to go and they can keep us entertained by passing through phone calls and helping us play music. This is all fine and well but, you need to have a decent dock in your car in order to get the best out of your phone and interact with it safely. After all, the last thing you want to do is to be messing with your phone instead of keeping of your eyes on the road.

The iBolt car dock is a brilliant way to securely hold your Galaxy S III in place and will help you get the most out of the phone while on the go. Whenever you place the Galaxy S III in the holder, it's automatically put into car mode which will help you do a number of things a lot easier – like listening to music, taking calls and most importantly, accessing Google Navigation. There is one cable that plugs into the dock and splits into USB input for keeping the device charged and a stereo jack to play music from the phone through the car's speakers. Which is a pretty neat feature we think.

For those of you out there that know folks who spend a lot of time out on the open road, this is a pretty great present and at around $40 it's not too expensive, either. It might only work with the Galaxy S III but, a lot of users upgraded to that device earlier in the year and given that it's the same phone across all four major carriers, it's still a broad buy.


Google Maps Navigation is a solid navigation system to rely on and thanks to the fact that it's free it makes the $40 spent on something like this, seem even better. If you know somebody with a Galaxy S III who spends a lot of time on the road this might be one of the better gifts they'll get this year.

Christmas is almost here and if you're still trudging through your Christmas shopping then keep it locked to Android Headlines and we'll bring you a new gift idea every day, feel free to check out our buying guide as well.

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