21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #13: Agloves Touchscreen Gloves


Depending on where you are in the world the weather can be dropping to some scarily-low temperatures and with it getting further and further into Winter it can get pretty cold, indeed. Being cold is something that the human race has had to deal with for centuries and we've gotten pretty good at wrapping up warm. If you've got cold hands the answer is to simply put some gloves on – which is great and all but if you're a smartphone user then you can't use your phone while you've got gloves on. Which doesn't sound too awful but, there are numerous situations in which you've got to interact with your phone – for instance, pausing music or sending a text or maybe even, answering a phone call. The answer is to buy a pair of gloves that let you use a touchscreen as you're wearing them.

Gloves like these have been around for some time now and it's hardly a new concept but, a lot them on the market right now only allow you thumb and two-finger input on each glove. Which is OK but, it would be nice to have the same 10-finger input that we get with just our bare hands. With Agloves Touchscreen Gloves that's just what you get so it doesn't matter how you use your smartphone or how many fingers you use to type with on a tablet you can do it all without having your hands freeze.

These are a really good stocking filler sort of gift and for anybody you might know in the great North of Canada then they're going to really appreciate a pair of gloves that work with their smartphones and tablets, no matter how cold it gets. When it comes to pricing, a pair of these can cost as much as $20 but, they're one of the few brands out there that offer full 10-finger input and the design, while not particularly eye-catching, won't clash with much else.


It's getting really close to Christmas now and if you've still got some people left to buy for these are a good little buy to make your offering look that little bit better. For even more gift ideas keep coming back to Android Headlines as we'll be doing a gift idea every day and you can always take a look at our comprehensive Buying Guide.

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