21 Days of Android Gifts: Day #12: Kingston Wi-Drive


In this past year we've seen Android devices launch with less and less storage options. The internal capacity of a lot of phones might have gone up to 16GB and 32GB but most phones coming out now don't feature a microSD card slot, limiting your expansion options quite a bit. There may be Google Drive and Dropbox but they don't offer that much free space and if you're someone who likes to have questionable amounts of storage at your finger tips then online storage is not always a viable option. External hard drives are often the best way to go but, they can be noisy affairs with traditional HDDs in them and it's hard to find a phone or tablet that supports USB OTG to even get them working.

Kingston seem to have the answer for us when it comes to external storage; their Wi-Drive has been around for some time now and it just got that little bit better by releasing a 128GB version. Wi-Drive works an external hard drive that connects to your device – any device – over WiFi to offer even more storage. It's based on flash storage and should hold up to travelling quite well.

For those that are forever complaining about the lack of external storage on their devices, this is the perfect gift – it's portable and even the 32GB or 64GB models come with enough space. You can throw whatever you want on it and could be perfect for loading up music and movies for a long flight or road trips. It's definitely a great gift for Android lovers who want more space – especially those that were lucky enough to get their hands on the 8GB version of the Nexus 4.


It's not the cheapest option for external storage but it's not too expensive either and is certainly worth the money, especially if you know someone that doesn't want to worry about USB OTG or anything like that. The Wi-Drive is available directly from Kingston as well as Amazon and comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB varieties.

If you still haven't started your Christmas shopping yet or, you need something for that Android fan in your life keep coming back to Android Headlines as we'll be doing a gift idea every day and you can always take a look at our Buying Guide.

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