ZTE Nubia Screen Comparison – Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s


With the new Nubia line of devices coming soon from Chinese telecom giant ZTE, a new comparison shot of the Nubia Z5 has surfaced. Although the company hasn't had any major US hits, producing mostly mid-tier devices for that market, they are currently the worlds largest provider of telecom equipment and handheld devices.

Chinese news site China Mobile (CNMO) put the upcoming Nubia Z5 in a side-by-side comparison of screens with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4s.


The breakdown:

  • Nubia Z5 – 440ppi
  • Galaxy S3 – 306ppi
  • iPhone 4s – 326ppi
Nubia Z5 Comparison Detail

The Nubia Z5 is a 5-inch screen phablet with a 1920×1080 resolution. The comparison shows that the Z5 is able to display the test image in noticeably better quality, with a considerably crisper image and better color correction. Screen color saturation varied apparently, but in the test image it appears very good. Other known information about the Z5 includes a quad-core processor and a 7.6mm unibody. Details about the release date, price, and additional features are still unknown, but analysts expect the device to reach stores sometime in December.

Source: CNMO