Will the Deal Between HTC and Apple End the War on Android?





Earlier today we heard about the HTC and Apple coming to agreement which resulted in a 10 year licensing agreement. Wow! I have to say that it has many giving sighs of relief, right? The new agreement made it so all “current lawsuits” were dismissed and with good reason! I have to admit that HTC’s CEO made an outstanding statement in this regard to this settlement:

“HTc is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litagtion.”

Too bad that Apple is still more concerned about litigation, but hopefully this will mark a new beginning to Apple settling ALL of its lawsuits including the suit with Samsung. If you remember that horrible news back in August when the verdict of the Apple Vs Samsung case went live. It was news that sent the Android Community on an anti Apple binge so to say for days. I can still remember watching the live feed as each patent was found guilty of infringement. It was a very sad, sad day. So could this mean the end to the war Apple has inflicted on so many Android supporters?

It would look as if Apple didn’t make any outrageous stipulations, and HTC is “allowed to continue to do business as usual.” Of course, Apple collects a fee from it, but it is a bit alarming to see how well Apple is participating in this settlement. Another surprising note? HTC hasn’t been charged outrageous amounts either! I MUST BE DREAMING! I think someone needs to go check the CEO of Apple and make sure he’s not ill! Just kidding, but I am surprised and relieved to see a good, solid partnership with not a huge amount of greed running the show.

If Apple can settle with HTC, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to settle with Samsung, and it shouldn’t be such high agreements like $30 to $40 a phone. This was originally what Apple offered Samsung prior to the trial.

Unfortunately, the agreement thus far with HTC and Apple is still mysterious, and has many unanswered questions. However, the tables could be turned and said that maybe Apple is trying to claim a “friend” so to say, only so they can continue to “seek and destroy” Samsung and Google.  HTC is definitely in dire need of help these past few months there is no question about that, so it would have been easy for Apple to take them apart even more.

Is Apple finally giving up on their patent litigations scam and leaving Android supporters alone, OR are they just using HTC for an even bigger war they are secretly plotting?


Sources:  All Things D