WikiPad Gaming Tablet Delayed; Those Headshots Will Have to Wait

wikipad gaming tablet

It’s also tough when we hear of a device we’ve all been waiting for, and that some have pre-ordered face delays. Unfortunately, that’s just what has happened to the WikiPad Gaming Tablet. The 10-incher that was designed to save us from on screen controls thanks to its innovative hardware controls has unfortunately been delayed, yesterday, on the day it was supposed to start shipping. WikiPad have delayed the device because of what they’re calling a “last minute opportunity” which they say will help to deliver the “perfect WikiPad bundle”. When they say bundle, we assume they mean the tablet and the dock that contains the hardware controls.

The $500 device first went up for pre-order back in September and whilst it should be launching now, they’ve delayed indefinitely however, the company has said that those who had pre-ordered the device will be getting a refined bundle as well an unknown special gift when they do start shipping. It’s a shame to see something like this happen but, if it means that they’ll be able to deliver a better overall device than before then, all the better. I think we can all say that waiting and getting a quality device on day one is better than getting one early and find bugs and kinks that should have been worked out. When it comes down to it, I don’t think this will do the WikiPad any harm however, their major partner, being Gamestop, can’t be pleased that one of the hottest gaming devices won’t be on sale until later into the holiday season. The official statement is below and if you’re one of those waiting for it, let us know in the comments!

The Wikipad team has been relentlessly working with our manufacturers and partners to perfect the Wikipad bundle to ensure our first product is the best tablet and entertainment experience at launch.  There is a last minute opportunity to enhance the Wikipad bundle as well as a minor refinement needed to ensure our first customers are completely satisfied with the Wikipad.

We have informed our retail partners about this delay.  For those who pre-ordered the Wikipad at GameStop through today October 31st, we will deliver the refined and upgraded bundles as well as a special bonus gift with the pre-order.

We are very eager to deliver the Wikipad experience and are passionate about excellence.  We apologize for this delay and want you to know that we are committed to bringing you the very best, high-end gaming tablet possible.
We are in the final stage and will be announcing the new date soon.