What's New in Android 4.2: Quick Settings

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Every time a new version of Android comes out we go through and find all the new features and talk about them for a bit. Today we are talking about the new Quick Settings Google has added in Android 4.2 – Jelly Bean. Now we’ve seen quick settings from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC in their respective skins, we’ve even seen some custom ROMs that are stock Android enable quick settings and toggles. Now Google has added them, and they might be the best implementation of them yet.

So how do you get to them? Well two ways on the Nexus 4 or any other Android phone running Android 4.2:

  • Pull down your notification tray and click the icon in the top-right corner, or
  • Using two fingers pull down your notification tray
On the Nexus 10 or any other Android tablet running Android 4.2:
  • Swipe down from the top on the right side takes you straight to quick settings

Once you’re there, you’ll see about 8 boxes full of quick settings. Let’s run them down really quick

  • Your Google+ Profile: Once you sign into Google+ your profile picture will appear there, if you tap it you’ll be asked if you want to open Google+. It’s just that easy. Perhaps this is Google’s way of pushing Google+?
  • Brightness: Hit this icon, and you’ll get a popup allowing you to change your brightness
  • Settings: Nothing fancy just a shortcut to the full settings menu. Yes it moved, so what?
  • WiFi: Simply shows the network you’re on. Tap and you’re taken to the WiFi settings
  • Mobile Data: Just shows your carrier and your signal strength
  • Battery: Shows you percentage of battery left. Tap the icon and you’re taken to the battery section in settings, so you can check your usage.
  • Airplane Mode: Shuts off all your radios. 3G/4G/GPS/WiFi everything!
  • Bluetooth: Tap this and you’ll be taken to the Bluetooth settings

So there you have it. Quick settings in Android 4.2. So far there’s no indication on if you can customize these blocks or add more. But that would be a great idea, in my opinion.

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