Want Official Response from Google regarding the Nexus 4 Shipping Fiasco? Sign this Petition


This week has been a very hectic week. We started out excited that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 would be in our hands by the end of the week. Well that was not the case for many people. When Google did finally allow the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 to be bought through the Play Store in the various regions around the world, users started seeing plenty of errors, items disappearing from their cart, and sell outs took about 20-40 minutes in most places. But that wasn't the end of it. On Thursday, some were lucky enough to wake up to a shipping confirmation email from Google. Then later on in the day Google sent out emails to some that their device is back ordered and that they'd receive it in 3 weeks. But Google is waiving their shipping fee. While there was another set of people who received no communication from Google. This is just messed up on so many levels.

I've been kind of living in the XDA forums since last weekend as I was awaiting the Nexus 4 to go on sale. And there are plenty of upset people in there. Now a Senior Member of XDA, munchy_cool, has started a petition to get an official response from Google on this whole situation. They are asking for as many signatures as possible, and even though I got my device yesterday, I will still be signing the Petition. Hopefully this petition can get Google's attention and fix this mess before another Nexus launch. Who remembers the Nexus 7 launch? It was pretty bad, but at least we could order, and pre-order the device without it vanishing from our cart.


The petition reads like:

Dear Google,
Give an official response on the Nexus 4 shipping/backorder fiasco.
1. Why is shipping not based on order time.
2. Why did you take more orders than you/LG can handle
3. Why can't the CSR's respond with a uniform answer, it seems as if there no communication from higher management to the CSR's, each CSR has a different answer.

[Your name]

So if you want to sign the petition just hit the link below, and if you want to check out the thread on XDA we've got that link below for you too.


Source: XDA, Change.org