Transport, Healthcare, and Telecom Enterprises Turn to Android


Android is making some big gains in the world of enterprise – especially in transportation, healthcare, and telecom services industries. Zenprise created a Mobile Device Management Cloud Report, which shows that Android has claimed an additional 2 percent of Apple's share worldwide.

Though Apple still controls the highest percentage of enterprise enrollment, the tech company dropped 2 percent to 56% worldwide. Android, on the other hand, is now positioned at 37%.


Android has its strongest support in North America, with 41% of the market share. Android's support dips in other parts of the world, however, with 32% of the market in Asia and 25% in Europe / Middle East / Africa.

Apple's iOS system is most popular in Asia with a whopping 68% of the enterprise market. Other markets are more related, with a 55-56% market share.

Windows Mobile seems to be the system varying the most in terms of mobile enterprise. The system isn't even displayed on Asia's usage chart, and North America only allows for a 4% market share. Europe / Middle East / Africa shows the highest support with 19%.


Breakdown by Industry

While Android is gaining popularity in transportation, healthcare, and telecom, Apple is holding steady in a number of other industries. Zenprise reported that education, energy, legal, real estate and insurance industries all still prefer the iOS system.

Enterprises opting for Android cited lower costs, more device control, and the system's ability to work with more hardware platforms as their primary reasons for using the platform.

As Android continues to address security issues, it has the potential to keep growing in an economy where companies are looking for ways to cut costs.


Source: FierceMobileIT

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