Top 10 Best Android To-Do / Task Apps


Let's face it, we all hate to-do lists, right? Right. Nobody likes being reminded that the thing they said they'd do last week, still isn't done. It's like a personal failure each time the alert goes off telling you so. I'll come clean right away, I am terrible at making sure stuff is done on time. Not so much so that it doesn't get done but, I'm pretty bad at it. I've gotten a lot better though, as I've learnt to love To-Do List type apps and managers, they're not for everyone though as some of them can be annoying, others a little light on features but, they all get the job done and they should all help you become a little more productive. Even if it's being more productive in putting off your work…

10. Task List – To Do List


If you're looking for a simple way to make sure you know what you have to do and for when, this will suit your needs. Whilst it might look like a bog standard To Do app there are some advanced features under the hood. Whilst the UI isn't all that good-looking, it's nothing offensive or anything like that and it certainly gives you a lot of control over your tasks. You can make sure you set the important tasks as high priority and rank them in order of importance and so on. Definitely an app to try if you want little intervention in your life from a task list.

9. ColorNote


You could say "what's this doing here, it's a note app" and you'd be right, first and foremost ColorNote is an app used for taking notes of stuff but, there is also a part of the app that deals with To Do lists. It's a simple to do list but, if you're the type that uses their phone as their notepad then having the two together is pretty handy, it's gong to be a lot easier to stick to a list if you're already using your phone for note taking. Not to mention that ColorNote is often the first app that people install on a new phone and you've got a pretty good all-rounder in this app.

8. Taskos


Sometimes, all we really want is something simple that gets the job done with little to no fanfare. That's exactly what you'll be getting with Taskos, there's no struggle to get up and running here, all you do is throw your tasks in and tick them off or, don't, you know, your choice. When it comes down to features, this app isn't without all the features you've come to expect from others. There's sync for Google Tasks here as well as advanced control over tasks such as tasks via SMS or e-mail and swipe to complete, to keep in line with the rest of Android 4.0 and above.

7. Evernote


Again, you're probably thinking that this isn't really a To Do app and you'd sort of be right but, Evernote has a lot of strings to its bow, making it the perfect all-rounder and a pretty good To Do List app in its own right. Thanks to Evernote's online syncing, it makes managing tasks a little easier however, this is where the app falls down as a To Do List app. It's a little difficult to just get in and handle your tasks with Evernote as it would be with any other app but, if you're already heavily invested in Evernote, as a lot of you are, then this is a brilliant choice to manage tasks, it just might take you a little longer than other apps in this list.

6. Remember The Milk


Remember the Milk has been around for so long now that it's surprising it isn't more popular than it is however, it's still a solid offering and one of the besk task managers around. When it comes down to shopping or getting things done, the official app for the network is more than a solid offering and makes a whole lot of sense if you're going to be using this to manage your tasks on the web and your phone then this'll work. There is a problem here though, the app limits you to one sync per day with Remember the Milk. You can manage tasks with repeating, tags and all the usual things you'd expect as well.

5. Catch Notes


Another all-rounder app here, Catch Notes is a lot easier to use than Evernote from opening the app up and enables you to deal with tasks and notes quickly. Making a quick and simple checklist of tasks or a shopping list is really easy with the quick UI on top of Catch. Everything with catch is synced to your account and you can use the Chrome Webapp or the Tablet UI of the app to edit or view checklists. There's a lot to love about the app and whether or not you're going to use it just for To Do stuff or the rest of the app, it's well worth a download.

4. Any.DO


Perhaps the most fun you can have with To Do lists is Any.DO. It's so simple and has a really nice look and feel to the app and makes sure that dealing with the stuff you have to get done isn't going to kill you. Tasks are super easy to get in there and when you've finished with them all you have to do is swipe to mark them as complete. To delete everything on a list, just shake your phone and start afresh, this new approach to managing these sort of things is brilliant. It's a refreshing approach to the whole thing and it makes a lot of sense on a device like a smartphone. This is well worth a look if you want something different to get things done.

3. GTasks

Having things synced together is an essential thing these days and makes a whole lot of sense when it comes to smartphones and tablets that a lot of us take with us everywhere. Syncing with Google is something that has become second-nature to us Android users and it's certainly one of the best things about the mobile platform. Being able to have everything synced together makes everything a whole lot easier and being able to do it with tasks is brilliant as well. GTasks is a way to deal with your tasks that are synced with Google on your phone or your tablet, it fits in brilliantly with the Holo theme of ICS and above, with its own stamp. There's a whole lot to love about this app and for those who like to keep their device as Google intended, this is the one app for you.

2. Wunderlist

If design is important to you then this is the one for you. There's no To Do list app that looks anywhere near as good as this, GTasks may look nice but, Wunderlist is simply stunning. The look and feel might not be for everyone but there's a lot of themes built-in and the Web App looks just the same making it real nice to get things put together. You can create an account for the service using your Google account or with them directly, you only ever have to sign in once with the app and it'll keep everything synced all the time. A brilliant app to get stuff done and you can specify due dates etc.

1. Astrid

Sometimes there can be only one app to rule them all and when it comes to To Do list apps, Astrid is that one app. There are apps that look better but Astrid has the most features and has been around for quite a while now. There are options for themes that make things a little nicer looking but there's a lot to love about the app and the Web App is pretty great too. You can set tasks to repeat, organise them through different lists and there's a search engine involved as well. The more you use Astrid the better it becomes. It's also the best app for making sure you actually get stuff done, whenever a task is getting close to its due date the app will notify you, like an e-mail or an SMS message. You can control this and tweak it to your schedule and will make sure you can get a lot of those little things dealt with.