Top 10 Best Android News & Magazine Apps

November 14, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’re back with our top 10 best News and Magazine apps. And there are plenty in the Play Store. We’ve weeded out most of them and gotten down to 10 that you’re going to love. There’s a few Google apps, and a few other apps. But none of these are biased, meaning The Verge, Engadget and USA Today won’t be on here, since they only show you news for their respective websites. So let’s get started.

10. Zinio

Zinio is one of the biggest Magazine apps on Android. It gives users instant access to thousands of titles. Zinio also offers two modes, full-color and text-only, this is great for when you don’t have a data connection or its very slow. You can also sync your library with your home computer. Give Zinio a try, we’re sure you’ll love it.

9. Google Reader

Google Reader is probably the oldest News app in the Android ecosystem. It’s been around forever, but it’s still a great app and service. Most have switched over to Flipboard or Currents though. Google Reader keeps track of all your feeds on your Android phone or tablet. It also syncs with your desktop if you happen to be using Google Reader from the desktop. Other than that it’s just a plain and straight forward app.

8. Pocket

Pocket isn’t technically a News or Magazine app, but it works well with many of them. If you’re going through feeds on the fly and you find something interesting you want to read later, just send it to Pocket and you can read all of those items later on. Pocket is formerly Read it Later, you might remember them. Pocket also features a Night mode so you can have a black background making it easier on your eyes at night.

7. BaconReader


 We all love Reddit right? Of course we do, that’s where we get many of our meme’s from. Well thanks to OneLouderApps, the creators of Tweetcaster and Slices for Twitter, we have a reader for Reddit that is available on your Android smartphone or tablet. This is the premium version which offers Android 4.x design, full featured Reddit inbox and more.

6. News 360 for Tablets

Here we have a news app that is just for tablets. Of course there are other versions of News 360 for Android phones and Google TV. News 360 is a news app that gives you the 360 degree view of every story, without being bias or impartial. You can also sync your news with which you can access from anywhere.

5. Zite

Zite is your own personalized magazine. You basically tell it the subjects you want to read up on (Ex. Android, Apps, etc.) and as you read articles, you can like or dislike it. Based on that Zite will determine what other news stories you’d like to read. It’s almost like having a magazine-styled Pandora app on your phone or tablet. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll never go back.

4. Pulse

One of the more popular RSS readers on Android. Pulse beautifies your RSS feed on your Android phone or tablet. It also allows you to share stories directly to social sites like Twitter, Google+ and more. Pulse also features offline sync, news discovery, source syncing, dual view and more. Download it and you’ll love it, trust me.

3. Google Currents

Google Currents is my favorite news application on Android. Google Currents puts all your RSS feeds into a magazine-style format, and I’ve got to say it does a great job with it. Of course it follows Android 4.x guidelines, since it is a Google app. Currents also allows you to send apps to Pocket, and share to Google+, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks with ease.

2. Google Play Magazines

You’re familiar with Google Play Magazines right? Well this is the app you can read those magazines in. It has a great UI in my opinion.Google Play Magazines allows you to read your favorite titles anywhere. Some magazines will allow you to subscribe to a 14-day or 30-day trial while others are subscription or per edition.

1. Flipboard

Here we are with number one, Flipboard also known as your social news magazine. This is another one of my favorites, it first launched on the Galaxy S3 this summer. Flipboard is basically another RSS reader, but it works by flipping from page to page. You can niche’s and particular news websites. Including your favorite Android website, Android Headlines. If you haven’t checked this one out, you don’t know what you’re missing.