Top 10 Best Android NBA Apps


Here in the US, Basketball season has just started in the last week or so. That means it's time to put out the top 10 NBA apps for Android. While my favorite team the Detroit Pistons are off to a not so good start, it's still Basketball and we love it. Now you probably won't install all these apps, but if you do, you must love Basketball. So let's get started with our Top 10 list, starting with number ten.

10. NBA Playoffs Live wallpaper


It's not quite the Playoffs, especially since the season just started, but this app has some cool live wallpapers for you to use. It has some Live Wallpapers for five of the best teams including the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, along with players including Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade. Go ahead and give this one a try. The developer is also promising more teams in upcoming updates.


9. The Real NBA News/Rumors

This is a pretty simple app. Bringing you the latest news and rumors surrounding the NBA. It includes news and rumors from all the teams and their front offices. If you're a person that bets on games, then you'll want to be sure you download this app. It can save you money and even make you some money.


8. ScoreMobile: Sports and Scores


ScoreMobile doesn't just bring you Scores of NBA games, but of almost every sport played nowadays. Including the NHL, NFL, MLB and much more. You can also add your favorite teams like the LA Lakers, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. It's been named "the best sports app ever", we'll let you be the judge if it truly is or not. You can also receive free alerts as to scores, and when games are starting.

7. NBA: King of the Court


NBA: King of the Court is the number one location-based NBA game on the Play Store currently. With this app you can search for local games to join at will, you can also outscore your friends at any time. Who doesn't want some bragging rights? You can also unlock cool power ups very easy, just like in NBA Jam. If you're a competitive player then this is the game for you.


6. NBA 2012 Live Wallpaper

Yes this app hasn't been updated for the 2012-2013 season yet, but there are still some really great Live Wallpapers in this app. Including the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The developer has also promised an update to this app as soon as he can. But there's no rush as the Live Wallpapers here are still awesome, and usable.


5. NBA 2k13

One of the all-time most popular and most favorite NBA video Game on consoles like the Play Station 3, and Xbox, NBA 2k13 comes to the touchscreen. Available for $7.99 from the Play Store. NBA 2k13 also features a multi-season mode for those that just can't stop playing and want to make a fantasy dynasty. Intuitive controls allow you to choose between classic controlling and one-finger controls. It's a great game.

4. NBA Game Time for Google TV

Not to many people have a Google TV, but this is a great app for Google TV. You can watch HD videos, get live scores, and much more. It's an all-in-one app for the NBA enthusiast who happens to have a Google TV. This is the NBA Game Time that hit number one on this list but made for Google TV, so all of you that bought a Google TV can enjoy as well.

3. NBA JAM by EA Sports

One of the all time great NBA games that was popular on consoles like Sega Genesis have made it's way to your Android phone and/or tablet. It's a great game with some hidden features you'll love. Featuring 30 of the top NBA teams in 2-on-2 arcade action. Now you can also play head-to-head against your friends, and beat them of course. So all I've got to say is "BOOMSHAKALAKA"!

2. ESPN ScoreCenter

Another great app for scores of NBA and hundreds of other leagues around the world.You are also able to add your favorite teams from just about any sport including college Football and Basketball to view all on one page.  ESPN ScoreCenter doesn't just bring you scores, it brings you news and some "Did You Know" facts while it's loading. Making it a great experience.

1. NBA Game Time 2012-13

Above all, this is the best app for the NBA. It allows you to use your league pass and watch every game through the app. Much like the Google TV version of the app above. Along with all the clips of games, interviews, and practices, this brings to you everything you could possibly want. Currently there is a free trial of NBA League Pass for Sprint subscribers, so go ahead and grab that before it's gone. And Go Celtics!