Top 10 Best Android Apps for the Month of December 2012


It feels as though it's been some time since we bought you a list of the 10 best apps from the last few weeks, we've been very busy here at Android Headlines and we've just finished another redesign of the site. We're very happy to still be here for a few years and we hope to be here, bringing you quality content for some time to come! It's been a good month for apps as well, with some really useful and good looking apps breaking cover for us to go and play with. We try our best to seek out the best 10 apps over the course of a month and if there's something new that you think deserved a spot here then we'd love to hear from you! Suggestions and comments are more than welcome!

10. Amazon Mobile for Tablets


For those who love to shop on Amazon, it can be a little frustrating that you can use a great app on the phone and yet you have to resort to the full website on a tablet. It's not much of a problem at all when it comes to 7" tabs like the Nexus 7 but on a bigger tablet the phone app is just awful. Thankfully, Amazon have now been kind enough to bring us a native version of the app for tablets. Curiously enough, it's just before Christmas that the app is released, perhaps Amazon has something special for us come Christmas? Doubtful but, at any rate, shopping from your tablet just got a little nicer.

9. Notification Weather


What can we say about this app? It puts weather in your Notification pulldown, simple as that. There are a few options and as you can see it can display a forecast or just the current weather, this is something that we see in a lot of Custom ROMs and is a prominent feature of AOKP. A lot of people don't want to root and put custom software on their phones just to enjoy something like this, with Notification Weather they can have a quick look at the weather with little to no hassle. It's also a lot better looking than how Google implement it with Google Now.

8. Photo Wall FX


We all love taking photos and thanks to the explosive increase in quality of the cameras that are shipping with phones these days, it's even easier to take a really good photo. Photos are the easiest way to make an Android device feel your own, no matter what it is, a wallpaper you took yourself just looks better. So, a live wallpaper filled with your creations has got to be more brilliant then, right? Yeah pretty much, with Photo Wall FX you can create your own live wallpaper from your own photos, bringing a truly unique wallpaper to your Android device. Somewhere I can see this working best is the Nexus 7 or larger screen device.

7. 365 Sports


With LTE and HSPA+ now covering a lot of the US it's even easier to stay up to date than before and the one thing that everybody wants to know is sports scores. Even if you'e not looking to keep up to date with the scores yourself there always seems to be someone that could with a quick update. My Dad always wants to know the scores and no matter how many times I tell him how to use it, he always seems to ask me instead. Perhaps he's just getting lazy in his old age. Whatever it might be, 365 scores is the new best way to get a hold of the latest scores. It's got great theming and works really well, for whatever sports you might want to know about.

6. Apollo


Music is something that is quite personal to us all and ever since the rise of the smartphone it's been easier and easier for us to enjoy our music wherever we go. Thanks to the the open nature of Android we can listen to our music in whatever app we choose. When the Play Music app launchhed, it was the first time that the stock version of an app included in Android was more than usable. The official app from Goole has undergone some changes over the past few months but, the CyanogenMod team has been working on their own music app based off the Play Music app and it's now available for all to consume in the Play Store, which is brilliant news as it's really quite good and is worth a look if you want something fresh to listen to your tunes with.

5. Pixlr Express


Photo editing on Android has gotten pretty easy since the advent of Android 4.0 but we all want a little bit more power when we want to create something really special. Often when we take a photo, there's something missing, not enough light perhaps or there's something off with the shadows. There's a lot that can make a brilliant photo feel mediocre but, the folks at AutoDesk have been good enough to bring us yet another app, this time around it's photo editing and there are some really powerful options on offer. Thanks to the fact that it's from AutoDesk you can rest assured that it's a good quality app.

4. GoPro App


For those of you out there that dabble in extreme sports, firstly, I salute you and secondly, you've probably already heard of GoPro and have one yourself. If you don't have a GoPro camera then now is a good time to look them up. Their range of cameras have been the staple for extreme sport enthusiasts and with the addition of an Android app  will help you reach the potential of the camera. From the app you can control the camera and tweaks settings as well as playback. It's a fantastic addition and something that will help you on your adventures out on the slopes or on your skateboard, just be careful with your phones, okay? I doubt that Galaxy Nexus is more robust than a GoPro.

3. Todoist

Ah, the To Do List, something a lot of us try to live buy and yet it's also something that we're loath to use. I use To Do Lists to try and keep on top of stuff and while it works some of the time I find that just a list can't help motivate me. Sometimes something a little different is all we need to keep on top of stuff and with Todoist – an already successful Todo app elsewhere – you might just find that you become a little more productive in life. It's a little pricey with some subscription fees but it might well be worth it.

2. Scan Master

Sometimes the easiest way to jot something down so that we don't forget is forego the keyboard and just take a damn photo of it. The problem with that however is that it's hardly precise and there's nothing to make text, text – it just stays a photo. With Smart Scan there are a number of ways to advance note taking through quick snaps, you can turn a photo into a PDF and while it's not perfect, it's still a lot better than taking a photo and when you're taking a snap of that receipt or whatever it might be, the crucial information will be easier on the eye to you.

1. easyMute

When you're listening to your music on your phone or your tablet, and you're zoned in on something it's often a little tricky to quickly pause or mute your music so you can hear what's being said to you. Of course, lockscreen controls are pretty standard across a whole lot of devices now but often it's still a convoluted process. Especially compared to the process offered by easyMute, which allows you to mute the volume on your device by just covering the the proximity sensor, simple as that. You don't have to even have the screen unlocked. It's pretty magical when you think about it, and it's free.

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