Titanium Backup Updates to include Creating Flashable Zips of All Your Apps and Data


There's no doubt that Titanium Backup is one of the best apps ever created for Android. But it has just gotten even better. They have added the ability to create a flashable zip to apply through recovery that includes all your apps and data. So now instead of flashing a new ROM, and then downloading Titanium Backup and having it restore everything, you can just flash the zip over the ROM in recovery before you boot up. Pretty good idea right?


If you're like me and flash new ROMs about once a week, you'll love this new feature, but appears to be only available in the Pro version. But why wouldn't you have the Pro version anyways? But Flashable zips isn't all thats new in this version of Titanium Backup:

What's in this version:

– [PRO] Can create update.zip containing apps+data, apps only or data only. Both user & system apps are supported and the file can be signed.
– [PRO] Can upload files >150 MB to Dropbox.
– Improved "Overview of app storage use" screen, shows app location & supports refresh / click / long-click.
– [PRO] Improved fault tolerance for Dropbox upload.
– Fixed failure to un-protect backups on ext2/3/4.
– Fixed possible FC when importing a backup.
– Misc bugfixes & improvements.
– Updated translations.


So it's a pretty big update for Titanium Backup. If you're a Root user, you'll love this app if you haven't already been using it. Download the update from the Play Store and let us know how it works out for you.