The Nexus 4 System Dump is Out; Here Are Some New Wallpapers For You


This happens every time there's a new Nexus device on its way to market: a System Dump is made available. There's a lot that we can find out from a System Dump and take it apart and pull bits out for our own enjoyment. Often, there's little new when it comes to Nexus devices but, this time around with the Nexus 4 there are a few new wallpapers which, I have to say, look really quite nice. You can get a hold of the whole set of wallpapers here and they'll be included in the gallery below. It's interesting to see that Google have seen fit to extend the Holo theme with some more wallpapers.

Android hasn't been known for their themes but, with Ice Cream Sandwich they really stepped it up and it looks like 4.2 Jelly Bean is only more of the same which is brilliant. This is just a System Dump after all but, there could be good things come out of it. ROM builders might even be able to do something with it but, for the most part this is just a taste of what's to come from Google on the Nexus front.

Take a look at the wallpapers below and if anything else comes out of the System Dump that's interesting, we'll keep you posted!


[Source: Android Task Force]

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