The Nexus 4 Doesn't Do OTG USB; Despite What LG and Google will Tell You


With the launch of Nexus 4 Google and LG brought one stunning device to market, with the Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and a lovely design, put together with Android 4.2, the Nexus 4 is one hot piece of Android hardware. No matter how good the hardware is though, it seems that LG and Google are having some trouble getting things straightened out. Firstly, the device suffered a poor launch from Google, with the Play Store buckling under the massive demand for the device. On LG's part, the device is being sold elsewhere for a lot more than it would be found in the Play Store, raising questions on whether LG are all in for the Nexus program or just stopping by for one phone.

Now, there's word that the device doesn't support OTG USB host capabilities, which is something a lot of people use to transfer files from USB storage back and forth, when on the move. That's not the only thing you can do with a phone that supports OTG – as I'm sure a lot of you know – you can attach a USB keyboard to the phone to get some serious e-mails done and dusted, and you can even play around with USB mice if you're so inclined.

Over at XDA users have discovered that the device doesn't support any of these functions, which is mighty strange because LG and Google will tell you in the quick-start guide that the phone does indeed, support all of the functions you'd associate with OTG support:


It's perplexing to see this isn't implemented in the Nexus 4s that are shipping out as there's little reason for them to disable it, unless of course there were some issues with it at the time of launch. It's a shame to see an advertized feature go missing on a high profile device like this and I wonder if a software update to come soon will fix it. Hopefully, the issue will be addressed by Google and fixed, it might not be a major feature of the device but it's something that people want to use and not only that, it's been advertized. We're curious to hear how you might use something like this and if so, would it be something to consider when purchasing your next phone?

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